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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Devil goes to church part 2; Why doesn't Congress impeach Obama?

I found this quote by Randy Wayne White, a mystery writer, that I think applies in part to Kerrville:
"Florida is a transient state in which too many rootless people care nothing for the past nor the state's future. Florida is a vacation destination or a retirement place, as temporary as time spent in a bus station.
"Like a bus station, Florida attracts con men and predators. It always has. Florida always had."

A reader took offense at my post "The Devil Goes to Church," about a preacher named Chuck Adair. The reader left a comment to the effect that I am being too rough on the good reverend. Well, let's see what he did (from Dmagazineonline.com.)
"Church Minister Chuck Adair’s Life Is Complicated. Adair was a married minister at Skillman Church of Christ. Then he had a relationship with a 13-year-old girl. It wasn’t sexual, but by the time she was 15, it sure was. A private eye was hired, the couple fled to Las Vegas, but the cops caught up. Adair landed in jail with a 10-year sentence, but that didn’t stop him and his child-lover from marrying in jail, in 1998, three days after her 18th birthday. Two years later, the girl filed for divorce. In 2005, Adair was paroled, and 18 months after that, he was back at Skillman Church of Christ and married to another congregation member. But listen, it’s complicated, Adair says, and he promises not to go on any youth group trips. But church Easter eggs hunts? That’s cool."

Why won't Republicans impeach Obama?
I am fed up with the Repubicans, including our own, Lamar Smith, who wring their hands and moan and groan how lawless Obama is but do nothing.  The latest outrage, releasing five top terrorists for a ratshit deserter should be the last straw.

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  1. You bring up the subject of the Guantanamo detainees recently traded and you identify them as "top terrorists". This surprises me, as the defense lawyer in you should ask the question, "What did these guys do, and what are they accused of ?" One of the five has some vague UN charges filed against them, other than that there is only hearsay suggestions of wrongdoing. When America suspends Habeas Corpus and defense lawyers act as cheerleaders, we are in some really serious trouble. I understand that Sean and Rush and Glenn have told you they are REALLY EVIL Terrorists, but where is the evidence? Where are the charges, what did they do? Are you really buying lock stock and barrel into the assertion these guys are guilty of terrorism? We have held some of these guys for over a decade with no charges and no legal representation.

    Remember MWD's, Chalaibi, mobile bio labs, chemical weapons, nuclear weapons, delivery systems.....etc.? Do you think our government would not lie to us? Do you just accept the jailing of these guys with no charges, and are you convinced they are guilty of terrorism?

    During my first trip to the Louvre, I stood in front of the Venus de Milo, and I felt as though I was experiencing the most beautiful and exquisite creation of mortal man. I can say with great certainly that 21st century American propaganda is by far the highest achievement of mankind. They (propagandists) frame the argument and the information on Fox and MSNBC, and it becomes reality, even to highly intelligent defense lawyers in a situation that centers on criminal law and democracy. The propagandists can cause people to support policies which are clearly against their best interests and their best judgement.

    The Taliban kicked our ass in Afghanistan and we have no choice but to hand the country back to them. That is happening now.We better learn to get along with the Taliban, because we cannot whip them. We got our as kicked in Iraq and that country is now a complete and total disaster. Is it time to start facing reality and asking questions, even though in may go against the grain of neocon propaganda.