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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Gus Schreiner Indicted; Gentle Giant in the Ground

Gus Schreiner indicted on multiple felony counts
KDT headline today: Great-grandson of famous rancher Schreiner accused of theft, money laundering

"The 56-year-old grandson of Texas Ranger Capt. Charles A. Schreiner is facing several felonies for reportedly stealing more than $200,000 from three businesses and two people and laundering the money.
Gustav Schreiner, one of the owners of the historic Y.O. Ranch near Mountain Home, turned himself in Friday at the Kerr County jail after his indictment this month by a grand jury. Schreiner was charged with two counts of second-degree felony theft and two counts of third-degree felony money laundering. In regards to at least three of the counts, Schreiner has claimed he was innocent and the victim of an email scam."
I don't know Gus Schreiner, and on first impression his explanation sounds pretty lame. However, some of these Nigerian  type email scams manage to trick some pretty otherwise intelligent, educated people. Maybe he was under a lot of stress, or for some reason not thinking clearly when he got caught up in it. I think it's sad for the scion of one of the pioneer families to fall so far. One of his brothers died in a one vehicle wreck a few weeks ago, after having some criminal legal issues of his own. 

"Gentle Giant" Michael Brown Buried - Thank God!
I'm glad they got him in the ground so we can move on from the circus in Ferguson, MO. If the gentle giant treated the police officer like he had just treated the clerk in the store that he robbed, he shouldn't have been surprised when he got shot.


  1. The common folk and poor people of Kerr County should be outraged at the special treatment give to Gus Schreiner. A 100K PR bond for serious felonies (multiple) and he does not spend the night in jail? The criminal "Cabal" in Kerr County continue to run things here. Let a poor minority kid with no priors get caught with a very small amount of drugs, receive a single 3rd degree felony charge as see what treatment he gets in terms of a bond and time spent in jail before bonding out. It is easy for me to understand why the good people of Ferguson took to the streets. In time, this will come here.

  2. "However, some of these Nigerian type email scams manage to trick some pretty otherwise intelligent, educated people." Everybody with email receives these Nigerian "offerings" every day. I don't know of a single person that has or would fall for these "weak" scams. The story Gus is telling is hard for me to believe. What is easy for me to believe is that Gus is a card carrying member of the Kerr County good old boys club, and he is getting special treatment. Anyway, he is not being charged with being a fool.

  3. If hope they let Gus off easy, and extend this same leniency to the disenfranchised folk in this county. Unfortunately the latter will not happen, as this is inconsistent with entitled and self righteous Christian clique that run things here.

  4. Why does a misdemeanor prosecutor need to carry two guns under each armpit into a trial.....and identify himself as a deputy sheriff in front of a jury. Must have some serious mental issues.