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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Kerrville - Hotbed of Sexual Predators and Meth Dealing Moms; Drug dealers are vampires

Kerrville Daily Times Headlines for  Week
Visitors thinking of moving to our pretty little town on the river might decide to drive on through if they see the typical front page headlines KDT runs. Today, the Saturday before Labor Day, the lead story is Meth-dealing mom gets 20 years in prison, charges pending against others nabbed in connection to Ingram meth raid. Of course the headline is accompanied with the mug shot of the meth ravaged mom.

Friday's top story featured the mug shot of a serial rapist, with this headline: Man gets 50 years in prison for sexual assaults, police use reports of random lewd conduct to track down suspect. Readers are informed - on the front page - he forced his way into the homes of two women in their 20's, "forced his penis in the mouth of one and touched the genitals of another." In another case, he "exposed his penis to a woman who'd been out walking."

The owners and publishers like to call their publication a wholesome "family newspaper." If I still had young children or grandchildren I would hide it from them.

I know we have serious crime here, and it's a legitimate news story. But I don't understand why KDT doesn't do what papers in other small cities do, which is have a police/courts section inside the paper. I guess they done marketing studies and are just giving the readers what they want.

Drug Dealers as Vampires
I found an old 5t Circuit case where the judges got a little carried away in denouncing drug dealers:
In an en banc decision, the Fifth Circuit had rejected an earlier appeal claiming that his life sentence was unconstitutionally cruel and unusual. Terrebone v. Blackburn, 646 F.2d 997 (5th Cir. 1981).
"Except in rare cases, the murder’s red hand falls on one victim only, however grim the blow; but the foul hand of the drug dealer blights life after life and, like the vampire of fable, creates others in its owner’s own image– others who create others still, across our land and down our generations, sparing not even the unborn.”

Jesus on a Tortilla
Meanwhile, the San Antonio Express reports that Jesus has made an appearance on the back of a moth. Moth with Jesus-like image spotted in Central Texas
Why is it that every time someone sees what appears to be an image of a man with long hair and a beard they claim it's Jesus? How do they know it's not the bass player for the Allman Brothers Band or Charles Manson?

Not all cops are heroes
This is the late Julian Pesina, a Balcones Heights police officer, who was shot in front of his tattoo parlor. He allegedly was involved with the Mexican Mafia. At least he appears to have loved his dog.


  1. Every drug dealer I have ever seen busted in this county is a small time dime bag seller. They all are poor and generally addicted themselves. The purpose of the headlines is to cause fear in the community so they won't resist when the tax man comes for more money to pump into law enforcement. Local law enforcement is hell bent on growth. Not once have I heard any leaders say they can do more with less. In the end, it is all about money, and they will break up families and destroy lives with long prison terms for small change.

  2. Like Harley in the morning, the KDT understands it's market. Racehorse Haynes taught us how to exploit fear for profit in this little backwater county, and the local media is just doing what works. Oh, by the way, have you heard about the Mosque coming to Water Street or the Strip Club on Junction Hwy?