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Friday, August 15, 2014

Political Indictment of Rick Perry

A Travis County grand jury (in the Peoples Republic of Austin) indicted Gov. Rick Perry for abuse of official capacity (Penal Code 39.03) and coercion of public servant (P/C 36.03). This is a blatant hit job by the same thugs in Austin who got Kay Bailey Hutchinson and Tom Delay indicted. With Sen. Hutchinson, it blew up in Ronnie Earle's face when she hired Dick DeGuerin and he demanded a speedy trial. Earle dismissed the case when the judge told him to call his first witness. They managed to convict Delay, but the Court of Appeals threw that one out. I predict the case against Perry will also collapse, but the cabal in Austin doesn't care - they are trying to have a preemptive coup d'etat, to derail Perry's presidential campaign before it is even announced.
Here's the DA behind this, in her jail uniform, pointing her finger, like a pistol, at a cop.

So what is Perry's crime? From the Texas Observer:
"The charges come as a result of a long-running power struggle involving Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg. Lehmberg, a Democrat, ran the Public Integrity Unit, which investigates public corruption and is a thorn in the side of some state elected officials. In April 2013, Lehmberg caught a DUI, and Perry’s office tried to muscle her out. It looked improper, especially because Lehmberg was in the middle of an investigation into the state’s crooked cancer research institute."

The Travis County DA is a drunk who showed her ass big time when she got busted for DWI, but she's still in office. And if you want to talk about real abuse of power, how about Obama's stated intent to do whatever he wants, to hell with Congress and the separation of powers and Constitution, abuse of the IRS, lies about Benghazi, illegally opening the borders, etc.

I was just as disgusted with the Republicans when they got Bill Clinton indicted over a blow job and some lies.

When my more conservative friends and acquaintances ask me why I defend people that I know are guilty of crimes, I'm going to point to the Rick Perry case. It's because, aside from the fact that not every person charged with a crime is guilty, it is criminal defense lawyers who keep the cops and prosecutors at least semi-honest. 


  1. Hiring and firing the DA is the job of the voters, not Rick Perry.

  2. Remember Rick Perry's speech in New Hampshire while running for President? I do. He was intoxicated. If you don't think so, here is a video clip.


    Rick did no resign as Gov, or even stop trying to be President, both jobs substantially more important than DA.

  3. Perry has been the #1 architect and cheerleader for the Texas prison industrial complex. Now it is his turn to be arrested and processed in @ Travis County Jail. I am sure he will receive special treatment, but in the unlikely event he is placed in a holding cell he will have a chance to "associate" with his fellow accused criminals. He projects himself as a tough guy, and this will be a good reality check for him. You can bet his fellow cell mates will be talking to him.

  4. So do you think Rick Perry has the authority to threaten publicly elected officials with his veto power? The one thing I am sure about in this case is that he is up against a buzz saw with Mike McCrum as special prosecutor. Mike is no joke.

  5. Of course he has the right to threaten to veto, under the Texas Constitution. Obama, on the other hand, arrogantly announces that if Congress won't tow the line, he'll just use his magic pen to make up a law opening the border. Meanwhile, he refused to enforce the laws he doesn't like - parts of his own ObamaCare, immigration laws, investigating the Black Panthers who chased white voters from the polls, and so on. I don't want Obama indicted - I want him gone, but we're stuck with him for two and a half more years. I was appalled when Tom Delay and Ken Starr tried to pull their attempted coup d'etat by getting Bill Clinton indicted. This thing with Perry is no different, except that there is absolutely zero basis in the law. Unfortunately, a defendant in the crosshairs has no rights at all to hold a corrupt prosecutor or an ignorant grand jury accountable.

  6. He does not have the right to make the threat conditional upon the resignation of an elected official because he does not like them. If we extend him this power what is to stop him from pulling the same stunt on Texas Railroad Commissioners, or any other elected official. Did you see the "Drunk Perry" video as per the link in a prior comment explaining what he was going to do for America if elected President? I must say Perry is an embarrassment to the State of Texas. Obama is a different subject, and yes I agree he is guilty of abusing power as well. McCrum is a tough and EFFECTIVE defense lawyer and he knows the law.