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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Perry Prosecutor thinks his own prosecution is political; Islam, religion of peace; Don't Let Your Babies Grow up to be Democrats; What not to say to a judge who's about to sentence you

What goes around comes around:
From S.A. Express News:

"Nearly seven months after the 4th Court of Appeals ruled prosecutors had missed the deadline to file a contempt claim against local defense attorney Michael McCrum, the decision was reversed Wednesday by Texas' highest court for criminal matters.

"The Court of Criminal Appeals opinion again opens the possibility that McCrum — currently serving as special prosecutor in the case against Gov. Rick Perry, who is also accused of professional misconduct — could spend up to six months in jail if found in contempt of court."
McCrum hotly denies that the prosecution of Perry might be politically motivated, but his own lawyers think that's exactly the motivation behind the charges against him.

"His courtroom victories over the years, including the Alvarado case, have 'certainly upset some highly placed people' in the district attorney's office, his attorneys have suggested."

Don't worry - Islam is a religion of peace, and we don't have any Muslim extremists in the U.S. That beheading in Oklahoma is just another incident of 'workplace violence' like the Ft. Hood mass murders. 

From Breitbart: Alton Nolen, the suspect in Thursday's beheading attack in Oklahoma, was on felony probation until 2017 but was given early release in April of this year.
According to the Los Angeles Times, Nolen has numerous convictions from 2011, "including marijuana possession, escape from detention, assault and battery on a police officer and possession of cocaine with intention to distribute."

Alton Nolen decapitated his co-worker and tried to kill another on Friday. How did he go from cocaine felon who triggered a 2010 manhunt to an amateurish obsession with jihad and ISIS?
Nolen was sentenced to six years on the cocaine charge as well as two years for escape and another two for assault on a police officer. He ended up doing only two years in total. And six months of that was in a halfway house.

“Feelin So Gud 2 B N Da City At Da Halway House…. At dis moment im walkin round wit my shirt off,” he posted on Facebook.

Mamas and Daddies, don't let your babies grow up to to Democrats.
If you don't believe it, look what happened to Kathleen Turner, who used to be one of the hottest actresses and biggest movie stars after she endorsed Wendy Davis: 

Pervert Teacher Gets 17 Years in Federal Prison

The San Antonio Express reports that a former science teacher at Memorial High School charged with producing cellphone images of himself having sex with a 15-year-old student he impregnated was sentenced Monday to 17 years in federal prison without parole.
   Marcus Revilla, 45, who pleaded guilty in June to producing child pornography, told Senior U.S. District Judge David Alan Ezra that he was sorry for the improper relationship he began with the girl in September 2013. He asked for a “second chance” and threw himself at the mercy of the court.

"Revilla’s lawyer, William T. Reece, told the judge that the relationship was consensual. He also said Revilla’s family had told Reece it was not unusual in the Hispanic community for a teen who is not an adult to have a relationship with an adult she plans to marry." I wonder how the lawyer made that argument with a straight face.

   The judge called Revilla’s conduct “so selfish, so damaging and reprehensible” that it merited a mandatory minimum of 15 years as Congress intended when it wrote the child-porn production law, “and more.”

   “This court rejects the suggestion that any member of our Latino community would condone this type of behavior at any level,” the judge said. “This is not acceptable in the Latino community. This is not acceptable in any community."

The article also reports that Edgewood Independent School District police officer Manuel Hernandez, 56, also resigned and was arrested in March for allegedly having sex with the same girl.

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