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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thoughts on Ferguson - Police and Deadly Force

Here are my thoughts on the events in Ferguson, MO. The grand jury got it right in no-billing Officer Darren Wilson in the Michael Brown shooting. I commend them for their courage in not bucking under to the combined pressure of the Obama-Holder regime, mainstream media, and the mob.

Let's set aside the fact that Brown was black and Wilson was white. Brown was 6'6'' and 300 pounds. H and his thug companion had just robbed a liquor store. When the owner, an Asian man who looked about 5' tall, tried to stop them, Brown grabbed and pushed him like a rag doll. Brown obviously thought that he could break the law with impunity. So, when Officer Wilson ordered him and his friend to get out of the street, they probably refused to comply and mouthed off to him. Cops are charged with maintaining peace and order. Apparently Wilson started to drive off, then realized that Brown and his buddy were the two hoodlums who had just robbed the liquor store. Brown didn't believe he had to follow the rules like the rest of us, and assaulted Wilson and tried to take his gun.

 I've mentioned before the book White Girl Bleed a Lot: the Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore it, by Colin Flaherty. There is a subclass of blacks who are heavy into thug culture, and assault whites, who are supposed to just take it. If whites defend themselves, they may well end up on trial for murder, like George Zimmerman did. The so called civil rights leaders like the repulsive tax cheat Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Obama, Holder et al. pile on.

Aside from my personal opinions, the grand jury got it right. I'll cite the Texas Penal Code, which  I believe is similar to Missouri's, which are both based on centuries of English common law. PC 9.31 and 9.32 states any person is justified in using deadly force against another when and to the degree he reasonably believes the deadly force is immediately necessary to protect himself against the other's use or attempted use of unlawful deadly force. If Brown struck Officer Wilson in the face and tried to take his gun, Wilson had the right to shoot.

Brown's defenders argue that once he left the side of the car that Wilson should have done nothing. This is crap. Under Code of Crim. P. 2.13, a peace officer has the duty to preserve the peace within the officer's jurisdiction. He has the authority to arrest offenders without a warrant in every case where the officer is authorized by law. He may arrest without a warrant when a felony or an offense against the public peace. CCP 14.01.

So it seems that Officer Wilson was doing his job, and Brown charged him like a bull. He had already tried to take his gun, so Wilson had good reason to fear for his life. And the idea that he should have shot him in the leg or something is ludicrous. When someone is trying to kill you, you do what you have to do to stop them. If you want to know what damage a determined man with a bullet or multiple bullets can do, look up the Miami FBI gunfight, say at 5 Gunfights That Changed Law Enforcement .

And the Supreme Court comes down on the police officer's side. See Plumhoff v. Rickard ___ U.S. ____
No. 12–1117. Argued March 4, 2014—Decided May 27, 2014
ALITO, J., delivered the opinion of the Court, in which ROBERTS, C. J., and SCALIA, KENNEDY, THOMAS, SOTOMAYOR, and KAGAN, JJ., joined, in which GINSBURG, J., joined as to the judgment and Parts I, II, and III– C, and in which BREYER, J., joined except as to Part III–B–2.

Donald Rickard led police officers on a high-speed car chase that came to a temporary halt when Rickard spun out into a parking lot. Rick- ard resumed maneuvering his car, and as he continued to use the ac- celerator even though his bumper was flush against a patrol car, an officer fired three shots into Rickard’s car. Rickard managed to drive away, almost hitting an officer in the process. Officers fired 12 more shots as Rickard sped away, striking him and his passenger, both of whom died from some combination of gunshot wounds and injuries suffered when the car eventually crashed.
Respondent, Rickard’s minor daughter, filed a 42 U. S. C. §1983 action, alleging that the officers used excessive force in violation of the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments.

The officers acted reasonably in using deadly force. A “po- lice officer’s attempt to terminate a dangerous high-speed car chase that threatens the lives of innocent bystanders does not violate the Fourth Amendment, even when it places the fleeing motorist at risk of serious injury or death.” Scott, supra, at 385. Rickard’s outrageously reckless driving—which lasted more than five minutes, ex- ceeded 100 miles per hour, and included the passing of more than two dozen other motorists—posed a grave public safety risk, and the rec- ord conclusively disproves that the chase was over when Rickard’s car came to a temporary standstill and officers began shooting. Un- der the circumstances when the shots were fired, all that a reasona- ble officer could have concluded from Rickard’s conduct was that he was intent on resuming his flight, which would again pose a threat to others on the road.
Petitioners did not fire more shots than necessary to end the public safety risk. It makes sense that, if officers are justified in firing at a suspect in order to end a severe threat to public safety, they need not stop shooting until the threat has ended. Here, during the 10-second span when all the shots were fired, Rickard never abandoned his attempt to flee and eventually managed to drive away.

We now consider respondent’s contention that, even if the use of deadly force was permissible, petitioners acted unreasonably in firing a total of 15 shots. We reject that argument. It stands to reason that, if police officers are justified in firing at a suspect in order to end a severe threat to public safety, the officers need not stop shooting until the threat has ended. As petitioners noted below, “if lethal force is justified, officers are taught to keep shooting until the threat is over.”
Even if the officers’ conduct had violated the Fourth Amend- ment, petitioners would still be entitled to summary judgment based on qualified immunity. An official sued under §1983 is entitled to qualified immunity unless it is shown that the official violated a statutory or constitutional right that was “‘clearly established’” at the time of the challenged conduct. Ashcroft v. al-Kidd, 563 U. S. ___, ___. Brosseau v. Haugen, 543 U. S. 194, 201, where an officer shot at a fleeing vehicle to prevent possible harm, makes plain that no clearly established law precluded the officer’s conduct there. Thus, to pre- vail, respondent must meaningfully distinguish Brosseau or point to any “controlling authority” or “robust ‘consensus of cases of persua- sive authority,’” al-Kidd, supra, at ___, that emerged between the events there and those here that would alter the qualified-immunity analysis.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

CIA and Mexican Cartels, Mexican Students Murdered

Unholy Alliance - U.S. Govt., CIA, Mexican Government and Cartels ?
Charles Bowden was on of our greatest contemporary writers and I was proud to be his friend. He died a couple of months ago, and it is a big loss to those who appreciate good writing, and especially of writing the truth about the so-called War on Drugs and who really benefits. Blood on the Corn, his last article is available online he current edition Medium.com, and it's a masterpiece, coauthored by Molly Malloy. It's the true story of how DEA agent Enrique 'Kiki' Camerena was kidnapped in the mid-80's by Mexican federal agents working for the cartel, taken to a house and tortured for information until he died. That's all disturbing enough, but what is really upsetting is that multiple, credible witnesses testified that it was orchestrated by CIA agents involved in the Iran-Contra fiasco.

And the people of Mexico continue to descend into hell:

MCALLEN, Texas -- Mexican authorities have announced that the 43 students that had been kidnapped by police were executed, their bodies set on fire and the remains dumped in river.
The revelation was made Friday by Mexico’s Attorney General Jose Murillo Karam when he gave an update on the investigation into missing students from Ayotzinapa in the Mexican State of Guerrero.
The municipal police from the rural towns Iguala and Cocula had kidnapped the students on September 26 as they made their way to Iguala to protest an event held by the mayor’s wife.
Under the orders of Iguala’s Mayor Jose Luis Abarca the cops kidnapped the students and then turned them over to hitmen from the Guerrero’s Unidos drug cartel.

The Smoking Gun website posted a police report describing a brawl among members of Michael Brown’s family regarding the sale of commemorative t-shirts.
The report says that Pearlie Gordon, 54, and two men were selling “Justice for Mike Brown” shirts on a Saturday when “a large group of about 20-30 subjects ‘jumped out of vehicles and rushed them.’” Gordon is the mother-in-law of Michael Brown Sr., McSpadden's ex-husband.
Gordon told law enforcement that McSpadden, 34, told her, “You can’t sell this shit.” Gordon then replied, according to the report, that “unless McSpadden could produce documentation saying that she had a patent on her son’s name she (Gordon) was going to continue to sell her merchandise.”
At that point, McSpadden’s mother, Desureia Harris, began tearing down t-shirts that were hanging on a line, Gordon told officers. Then, Gordon explained, other members of the group started “tearing her booth apart.” As the rush ensued, Gordon said she was repeatedly hit in the head and knocked on the ground.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Massey Coal ex prez indicted; Pervert Lawyer Hypnotizes Victims; Demo Gay Rights Leader Busted for Child Molesting

Ex-Massey Coal CEO Indicted in 2010 Mine Blast
from ABC News
Coal boss Don Blankenship pleaded not guilty in court today to a raft of charges stemming from the 2010 coal mine blast that took 29 lives, according to The Associated Press.

Once a larger-than-life figure in Appalachia, whose iron-fisted leadership of a giant coal conglomerate made him both famous and feared, Blankenship now faces up to 31 years in prison on federal charges of conspiracy, fraud and making false statements.

A federal grand jury returned the indictment against Blankenship, the former CEO of Massey Energy, last week alleging that leading up to the explosion at the Upper Big Branch mine in April 2010, Blankenship took short cuts on safety in order to maximize profits, including failing to properly ventilate the mine. Investigators believe a buildup of methane and coal dust caused the deadly blas

Attorney Probed For Hypnotizing Female Clients
Ohioan, 57, directed woman to perform sex acts
NOVEMBER 19--An Ohio lawyer is under criminal investigation for hypnotizing a female client during meetings and directing her to engage in a series of sexual activities while in a trance and under his control, police report.

Democrat Activist and Donor Indicted for Having Sex with 15-Year-Old Boy
Read more at http://godfatherpolitics.com/18632/democrat-activist-donor-indicted-sex-15-year-old-boy/#7bWXVkI9T7qOMcpo.99
Now we’re learning that a prominent Democrat activist and donor was indicted for allegedly having sex with a 15-year-old boy. He is 66-year-old Terrence Patrick Bean, the co-founder of Human Rights Campaign.” Who would suspect someone who is for Human Rights to do such a thing? Matt Barber writes:
“Yet another high profile ‘gay’ activist has been arrested for homosexual assault on a child. This time authorities caught one of the big fish (a rainbow trout?). Terrance Patrick Bean founded the ‘Human Rights Campaign’ (HRC), which is one of the world’s largest, wealthiest and most powerful anti-Christian organizations. To this day he remains on the board of directors. HRC was developed for the sole purpose of pushing the extremist homosexual political agenda. Bean is also a major player for the DNC and a big Obama supporter.”

Kacey Musgraves’ Gay-Affirming Song “Follow Your Arrow” Wins Country Song of the Year
from Slate
I can't stand what is sold these days as country music. Most of it is watered down rock n' roll, and has to have drunk rednecks driving mud covered pickups to the river for a bonfire with their fine assed girls in painted on cut off jeans. Maybe it's schizophrenic, because on the other extreme we have sensitive songs about gay love. Alan Jackson nailed it a few years ago with his song "Gone Country," about Vegas crooners, L.A. pop songsters, and has been divas moving to Nashville. Ray Wylie Hubbard skewered it with "Redneck Mother." So did David Allen Coe with "You Never Even Called Me By My Name."

And BTW, what does "Follow Your Arrow" mean in this context?

Alabama Voters Pass Sharia Law Ban

WASHINGTON, Nov 4 (Reuters) - While Maine voters were asked to weigh in on bear hunting regulations in Tuesday's U.S. elections, voters in Alabama were given the chance to insure that state courts never rule according to sharia law.
Such was the case in Alabama where voters passed Foreign Laws in Court Amendment 1, which was added to the ballot by the state's legislature in an effort to put a controversial bill in the hands of voters.
Unlike codified Western law, sharia is a loosely defined set of moral and legal guidelines based on the Koran, the sayings of Prophet Mohammad and Muslim traditions. Its rules and advice cover everything from prayers to personal hygiene.

Libyan Troops Go Wild in England
They were supposed to be the ‘new’ Libyan army. Instead they allegedly went crazy in the streets of Cambridge, assaulting strangers and brutally raping one young man.
the British Ministry of Defense announced that all 300 trainees would be sent home early after a string of sexual assaults were perpetrated against the residents of Cambridgeshire, culminating in the alleged gang rape of a young man.
Libyan Army cadets stationed at Bassingbourn barracks are alleged to have left the military camp on raids into the nearby university town of Cambridge, where a spate of sexual attacks were reported on the cobbled streets around the ancient college buildings.

Two of the recruits have admitted to two sexual assaults and a bicycle theft in Market Square right at the center of the old town. They also pleaded guilty to threatening a police office. Another cadet, aged 18, has been charged with three sexual assaults.

Growing Number Of Victims In Case Of Oklahoma City Cop Accused Of Sex Crimes
New charges filed Tuesday against an ex-Oklahoma City police officer raise the number of women and girls who accuse him of rape, sodomy and other sex crimes.
Oklahoma County prosecutors filed six new counts against Daniel Holtzclaw after three, new alleged victims, including a 17-year-old girl, joined 10 others who've said they were attacked while the former cop was on duty.

Charges against Holtzclaw, 27, have piled up and up since he first faced accusations in August of assaulting at least six women while he was on duty.