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Friday, January 9, 2015

Welcome to Kerrville - Home of Meth Labs and Rattlesnakes

The Kerrville Daily Times lead story Thursday is headlined
"Domestic call nets meth, rattlesnake - two arrested on drug charges"
Really would make me want to visit or move here.

After the disastrous Groundhog Day ceremony last year when New York Mayor Bill de Blasio dropped and killed the animal, Staten Island Zoo officials say they will not ask the mayor to handle this year’s groundhog.

Wendy Davis Admits Lying About Supporting Gun Rights to Get Votes
From Breitbart.com
It actually makes sense that Davis is out of touch with how Texans think: she can’t even talk like a Texan. National Review’s Kevin Williamson, a native born Texan, mocked the Rhode Island-born, Harvard-educated Davis’ attempt at colloquialism in her use of  the phrase “wrong Texas gal.” “Oh, Wendy: Nobody talks like that in Texas, or anywhere else, except in movies and dumb campaign commercials,” wrote Williamson. And when linguistic experts at the University of Texas at Austin analyzed her speech, they described it as closer to “a mainstream U.S. accent” than the “Texas-accented English” of Wichita Falls native Abbott. Humorously, the linguists also found that she actually displayed some features of California speech. Davis has never lived in California, they noted, and so “we find ourselves only able to conjecture why she might exhibit this [California] accent feature. It is possible that she aims toward an accent that stands for a modern, Californian, female American.”

Ex-Cyber Chief Sentenced for Child Porn
The former acting director of cybersecurity for the Department of Health and Human Services was sentenced to 25 years in prison on child-pornography charges Monday. Timothy DeFoggi, who was covicted in August 2014, began using an underground online network to solicit child pornography in March 2012 before the FBI shut down the site the same year.

Airman guilty in sex assaults at Wilford Hall
From S.A. Express

An Air Force medical technician was found guilty Wednesday of assaulting a woman as she came out of anesthesia following surgery at the Wilford Hall military hospital.
If this fellow is representative of the USAF's fitness standards, it confirms what Marine friend of mine said about its fitness standards 'three pushups and you're in!'

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  1. I see where the County Commissioners are finally starting to bend to the relentless pounding from the Sheriff for a new jail, which will cause a tax increase. There is a simple solution to jail overcrowding which is facilitated by a 2007 Texas law commonly known as cite and release. Using this statute, the police simply write a citation for class C and some class B misdemeanors, release the accused. Cities and counties all over Texas are using this tactic, with great success. Most of the folks jailed in Kerr County are accused of very petty crime, and do not need to be in jail. If one doubt this, just check this web site in the mornings to see the jailing from the previous day.


    Our retired folks should not be forced to divert grocery money into jailing some kid overnight for a petty crime. If the Commissioners raise taxes without discussions of alternatives, there should be some new blood in that court after the next election.

    Using cite and release will change the narrative from jail expansion to jail contraction, and everyone is a winner, except the tax-and-spend crowd.