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Saturday, February 28, 2015

More on Federal Lawsuit Against Kerrville Police Dept.

The Kerrville Daily Times published a story, buried on page A5 today (Saturday) about the federal lawsuit I filed this week against City of Kerrville and Officers Harry Holt and Ryan Cockrell. It leaves out some important facts, including that Holt wrote in his report that he struck my client in the head to "stun him." In a hearing last week in County Court at Law, he testified that he struck him in the head at least three times. When I asked him how hard he hit him, he said "I wasn't trying to kill him."

It also leaves out that my client was breaking no laws, was going into the apartment where he had every right to be, when Holt and the other officer forced their way in, tackled him, and assaulted him. Also, that out of at least three officers involved, not one's recording devices worked. Also, that Holt was warned in 2013 that another failure to activate his microphone could result in termination.

I said it about a thousand times - the majority of police officers are decent, hard working public servants. But like any profession, including the law - or especially the law - there are some bad ones. 

Friday, February 27, 2015

Ellison Sues City of Kerrville and Two Cops for Excessive Force

I haven't posted anything lately because I've been so busy trying to keep up with my work load, but a recent experience I've had with our local constabulary is newsworthy enough to make the San Antonio Express. Zeke MacCormack wrote an article you can access here:

I know some of my readers think I've gotten soft and lost the fire in the belly. Maybe this will restore some of my street cred. :) 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Chris Kyle Murder Trial Day 2

News media are reporting that shortly before he was shot to death by a troubled former Marine at a Texas gun range, legendary Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle texted a buddy, "This dude is straight-up nuts," a defense attorney told jurors Wednesday.
A lawyer for Eddie Ray Routh said in opening statements of the man's murder trial that Routh's insanity was so evident that Kyle and his friend Chad Littlefield exchanged texts expressing alarm as the three rode together in February 2013 to a Texas shooting range.

"He's (sitting) right behind me, watch my six," Littlefield texted back, using a military reference for watching one's back.
This is really disturbing and depressing. It has always bothered me that Kyle went through almost four years of hell, any minute of which he could have been maimed or killed, then came home only to get bushwhacked by a nut job. Why in the world did he let his guard down? Seals, special operators and cops constantly train to keep their situational awareness keen. 
There are also reports that the creep who murdered him had been drinking and smoking dope that morning. Didn't Kyle smell it, or see the dilated eyes? All I can think is that he bought into the myth that anyone who wears a uniform is a hero, or at least not a criminal or psycho. 
And so far, I don't see any evidence that the killer was legally insane. He knew enough to steal the truck, confess to his sister, then go on a high speed chase from the cops. He told one of the cops that he was insane. Most truly insane people think they're perfectly sane. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Chris Kyle's Murderer - Ex-Marine Nut Job?

I saw American Sniper this weekend and it lives up to the hype and praise. Bradley Cooper should win the Oscar for best actor. He humanizes Kyle, and shows that he was a living, breathing human being, not just a cold blooded killing machine.
The movie closes with Kyle back in Texas, working with other vets to help deal with his own anguish over what he did and what he saw, particularly seeing friends get maimed and killed. The last scene is when he leaves home to work with the man who would kill him and a friend of Kyle named Chad Littlefield. I don't know who the actor is who plays Eddie Ray Routh, but he projects the sheer creepiness and menace without saying one line of dialogue. He looks like a meth fueled paranoid. Why Kyle let him into his truck is a mystery to me.
Routh's trial for murder started this week in Erath County. I'm glad I wasn't asked to defend him because I would have absolutely said hell no, take my bar card first. His lawyers will earn whatever paltry fee they get. Routh claims he had severe PTSD which led to his crimes. Turns out he was always a REMF.
No one will ever know for sure what happened, but here's my take. Kyle talks enough to this clown to see him for what he is - a pussy, kind of like the soldier that Patton slapped for crying and carrying on about how he just couldn't take it any more, when there were men lying around him missing arms and legs and eyes. Kyle did the equivalent of a Patton, telling Routh to grow a pair or something like that, Routh, being a self centered shit, snaps and kills Kyle and Littlefield.
I greatly admire Chris Kyle and the other tough men that keep us safe, but one lesson from this sad tragedy is that just because someone puts on a uniform doesn't make him a "hero." Rough joins the degenerates who disgraced a Marine uniform like Charles Whitman (Texas Tower shooter) and Lee Harvey Oswald.