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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Chris Kyle's Murderer - Ex-Marine Nut Job?

I saw American Sniper this weekend and it lives up to the hype and praise. Bradley Cooper should win the Oscar for best actor. He humanizes Kyle, and shows that he was a living, breathing human being, not just a cold blooded killing machine.
The movie closes with Kyle back in Texas, working with other vets to help deal with his own anguish over what he did and what he saw, particularly seeing friends get maimed and killed. The last scene is when he leaves home to work with the man who would kill him and a friend of Kyle named Chad Littlefield. I don't know who the actor is who plays Eddie Ray Routh, but he projects the sheer creepiness and menace without saying one line of dialogue. He looks like a meth fueled paranoid. Why Kyle let him into his truck is a mystery to me.
Routh's trial for murder started this week in Erath County. I'm glad I wasn't asked to defend him because I would have absolutely said hell no, take my bar card first. His lawyers will earn whatever paltry fee they get. Routh claims he had severe PTSD which led to his crimes. Turns out he was always a REMF.
No one will ever know for sure what happened, but here's my take. Kyle talks enough to this clown to see him for what he is - a pussy, kind of like the soldier that Patton slapped for crying and carrying on about how he just couldn't take it any more, when there were men lying around him missing arms and legs and eyes. Kyle did the equivalent of a Patton, telling Routh to grow a pair or something like that, Routh, being a self centered shit, snaps and kills Kyle and Littlefield.
I greatly admire Chris Kyle and the other tough men that keep us safe, but one lesson from this sad tragedy is that just because someone puts on a uniform doesn't make him a "hero." Rough joins the degenerates who disgraced a Marine uniform like Charles Whitman (Texas Tower shooter) and Lee Harvey Oswald. 


  1. Chris Kyle, and other gun nuts exercised bad judgement when trying to devise some type of hillbilly therapy for mental patients by putting loaded guns in their hands. Kyle should have known better. Perhaps the Navy Seals need some better training on gun safety. Kyle did nothing to keep America safe, in fact he made the situation worse. His stated desire to kill anyone carrying a Quran, his profiteering and lies on top of lies make him an American Embarrassment. America got it's *** kicked on the battlefield in Iraq and Afghanistan, and we spent one trillion dollars of borrowed money in the process. Maybe Hollywood can make us feel better about the biggest disaster in the history of American foreign policy with a move that filters the facts.

    1. I don't know who you are, but you are definitely not an American. You are probably a homosexual and you were picked on as a child. Snipers are a necessity during war.

  2. I agree that it was stupid to take the meth-head to a gun range. I also agree that Bush, Cheney, Powell et al. were liars and that invading Iraq was wrong and close to a war crime. That said, I am thankful that there are hard men like Chris Kyle on our side. It was not his job to philosophize like a grad student about whether it was a just war.