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Friday, February 27, 2015

Ellison Sues City of Kerrville and Two Cops for Excessive Force

I haven't posted anything lately because I've been so busy trying to keep up with my work load, but a recent experience I've had with our local constabulary is newsworthy enough to make the San Antonio Express. Zeke MacCormack wrote an article you can access here:

I know some of my readers think I've gotten soft and lost the fire in the belly. Maybe this will restore some of my street cred. :) 


  1. The way I read the Zeke story, all six (6) officers turned of their recording devices. Is this correct?

  2. Let's put it this way: there were six officers involved, three in the bust-in to the apartment, and not one mike or video was working.

  3. This does not sound like an action caused by a sudden impulse.

  4. Last week I read that a second Federal law suit has been filed by Mr. Ellison. Personally I am loving it. When I was in law school I clerked for some lawyers in one of these suits. A motorcycle "club" filed suit against the City of Lubbock and several individual policemen. The club won the suit and was awarded actual damages, lawyer’s fees and punitive damages.

    The City of Kerrville will soon learn the price ($) for hiring crazy, sadistic cops, When the City becomes aware of the problem and makes no effort to come-up with a remedy ........well every one of the Defendants better lawyer-up with out-of-town talent. The price for real lawyers from San Antonio or Austin is probably $1,000 an hour or more. Better hold-up on some of these expensive City projects.