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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

More outraged letters to KDT editor over mistreatment of Edward Graf, convicted child killer

One M.E. Schwing wrote a letter to the editor titled "A breech too far," bemoaning the unfair treatment of poor Edward Graf. I have no idea what the author intended by the title, since the definition of breech is the lower, rear part of the trunk of the body; buttocks.

Anyway, the author writes that KDT is "bordering on possible defamation of character of Mr. Graf by the innuendo of the headline." Actually, Mr. Graf CONFESSED to the double murders of his wife's two step sons - little boys - by locking them in a burning storage shed. The motive was to collect the double indemnity insurance policies he took out on their lives a couple of weeks earlier.

Mr. or Ms. Schwing that the Kerrville community should "help Mr. Graf feel welcome to our area and hope for the best for him. At a minimum he is worthy of that. Mr. Graf is trying to go forward with his life despite the terrible events in his past."

Great idea!! Let's get the word out, and maybe if Charles Manson ever gets paroled he can move to Kerrville!

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  1. Forget about Manson and his family. They are old and limited in numbers.

    The bond offering for the new jail, if passed, will bring criminals to Kerrville, well beyond our wildest dreams. And why will they stay here? The answer to that question is quite simple. They will quickly learn from jailhouse talk that Kerrville has the second highest concentration of millionaires in Texas. The pickings here are perfect for thieves, robbers and child molesters. We don't need help bringing more criminals here. The local government is quite capable of doing it with our tax money. And how many out of county prisoners will be rotated in and out of of our new excess jail capacity? No one knows, but by my calculations it could be well over 2000 before the space is filled with locals.