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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Another Secret Squirrel in Kerrville - Mayor Jack Pratt

Another Secret Squirrel in Kerrville?
Kerrville mayor accused of inflating his Vietnam service record

From San Antonio Express News (Zeke MacCormack)
Alan Hill, director of the Hill Country Veterans Center, says Kerrville Mayor Jack Pratt twice told him that Pratt had served four tours in Vietnam with the Green Berets, claims not supported by Pratt's military records. "He's a wannabe" special forces member. Hill said of Pratt, who denies embellishing his resume.
His military records indicate he spent nearly eight years in the Army but just seven weeks in Vietnam as a personnel supervisor before leaving the service as a staff sergeant in 1971.

Pratt claims to have a masters in business administration from the University of Hawaii. Officials there say they have no record of him attending its Shidler College of Business.
National Personnel Records Center documents say Pratt was a radio operator in Germany in 1964, a personnel sergeant in Thailand from 1967 to 1969 and in Vietnam from May 25 to July 15, 1971.

The mayor owes the community an explanation, City Councilman Gene Allen said, calling the inconsistencies “alarming.”
Pratt spoke of mutiple tours in Vietnam with U.S. Special Forces in a candidate forum that year, Paul Wampler recalled, noting, “There was considerable talk and skepticism in town at the time about Mr. Pratt's claims.”

When I caught Herbert C. Williamson III lying about being a heroic chopper pilot in Vietnam, I sent the  information to the publishers of the website This Ain't Hell But You Can See It From Here. They labeled Herb the Secret Squirrel. These blowhards that are so eager to describe their exploits as Seals, Green Berets, Delta Force and so on are suddenly all hush hush when they get caught, claiming their activities an status are classified. Well, if that's true, why have they been running their mouths about it? 

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  1. Always had my doubts about his record. Live in the county, so I did not vote for the person. But I was present at the forum to listen because I an constantly confounded by the politics here. When I mentioned I was former Marine, Jack spoke of his being a former Green Beret and work within G2. Having seen the FOIA on thisainthell, it confirmed my thoughts at the time about the veracity of the statements made. Trust, but verify. Trusted my gut, but didn't go far enough on the verify. Glad it is all coming to light. Better late than never.