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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Kerrville Daily Times does its job - more on Green Beret Wannabe Mayor Jack Pratt

The front page headline of the Memorial Day weekend edition of Kerrville Daily Times is "Questions remain over Pratt's military service record; mayor says mudslinging is politically motivated."

Hill Country Veterans Center director Alan Hill, a Vietnam vet, is quoted: "He personally told me three times he was a Green Beret with four tours in Vietnam.... He never was at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, for the Special Forces training; he never went to airborne school, which he would of had to go to get accepted in the Special Forces. But now he is saying he was attached to or on a temporary duty assignment with the special forces. Does he have those orders?"

Pratt did not return phone messages from the KDT reporters Victoria Aldrich and Caitlin Clark.

Here's what they have to say at "This ain't hell but you can see it from here" :

Pratt blames politics for the sudden scrutiny – but you know, if I was running for office and one of the reasons I was telling voters that they should vote for me is because of my military service, I’d have documentation in my pocket – and I’d make sure the NPRC has everything correct. The last thing I’d do is drag this thing out.
It looks like he has also embellished his education credentials and his work experience, as well as his career as a personal clerk that morphed into a Special Forces killer dude and seven weeks became four years. By the way, Kerrville, speaking from experience, the first thing the phonies do is blame the military’s record-keeping. The second thing they do is blame politics (or some other haters) for the sudden scrutiny. They never provide documentation to exonerate themselves (so you look like you’re on a witch hunt). They always keep digging hoping you’ll get tired of beating a dead horse before they get tired of digging.
Our friends at Special Forces Poser Patrol have his records

A real veteran whose records had been screwed up would show you the documents right now to exonerate him – a phony will tell you that an ex-wife burned them, or that a flood a few years back washed them away. An honorable phony (there are a few) would admit that they lied and apologize right now.


  1. No surprises here. He is white, and claims to be a conservative, Republican, Christian so the community will pretend this is not happening. Otherwise it may cause them to look inward. Guys like this seen to rise to the top in Kerr County. One need only peel back the first layer to find the lies, corruption and hypocrisy.

  2. The Pratt lies are interesting to me, as I cannot understand why such an intelligent and talented fellow would take such a huge risk in lying about his military service. I went to his web site (http://jackpratt.net/about_us.aspx) and noted he openly discusses how he was abused as a child by his father who beat him with a razor strap. He goes on to voice approval of this. Obviously Pratt has some deeply rooted psychological issues associated with his own experience as an abused child and still suffers from misunderstandings regarding the basics of child rearing, and what constitutes abuse.

    I think it would be in his best interest to take a break from politics and seek some professional counseling.