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Monday, May 11, 2015

New Deputy U.S. Attorney General for Civil Rights - Vanita Gupta

Vanita Gupta Is Setting The Tone For Obama's Civil Rights Division
From Huffington Post
This is a very good article about the lawyer who heads the U.S. Justice Department's Civil Rights Division. I have not personally met Ms. Gupta but I have talked with her many times and corresponded about the asset forfeiture racket in Texas, especially during the Ron Sutton regime in the Hill Country. I see that she headed the investigation into the Ferguson, MO. police department, and she is interested in the militarization of police departments.

Maybe she will take a look at some of the police brutality in our fair Hill Country.


  1. I wonder if our new police chief will review the dash cam video and tell the good people of Kerrville there is no evidence of wrong doing by the officer that slammed the girls face into the concrete while restrained in handcuffs?

  2. I am afraid that the good people of Kerville would determine that there is no evidenceof wrong doing no matter what the cop did.