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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Poseur Green Beret Mayor Jack Pratt and City Council Screw Kerrville Again

I think all the members of the Kerrville City Council except Bonnie White think the citizens are idiots. They rushed through a $9MM certificate of obligation to buy 105 acres of land from a Cailloux Foundation subsidiary, who was to build a sports complex off Holdsworth Drive. When I wrote an open letter to the mayor and other members pointing out the obvious fact that the contract was illegal for failure to require competitive bids, and to obtain an independent appraisal, and told them they needed to get an opinion from the Attorney General, council backed down. They - or more accurately, city attorney Mike Hayes and city manager Todd Parton huddled with Cailloux's Ben Modisett and rewrote the deal as a "gift" to the city.

When Bonnie White protested that Parton and Hayes withdrew the city's request for the AG opinion, and charged off and redid the deal without being asked or authorized by council, the reaction was to tell her to mind her own business - as if being educated and active in a multimillion project isn't something a council member shouldn't do.

The Daily Times today quotes council member Gary Stork basically telling Bonnie White to be quiet and mind her own business. He also said that Hayes and Parton were regularly emailing and talking to council members to get this deal done - do I see an Open Meeting Act violation here?

Mayor Jack Pratt - the poseur manqué badass Army Green Beret (who actually was a personnel clerk - what vets call a REMF) - after the back room deal was already done - said the real reason for the project was to give the little children a place to play baseball where the evil drug dealers couldn't get to them. Like we don't already have places for the children to play. I don't know what it is about Kerrville that its voters elect a fraud like Pratt.

There's also a high level city employee with his office on the second floor of the new city hall and a six figure plus income  whose house is not registered on the tax rolls, so it's a safe bet he doesn't pay any taxes. Which is apropos of this crowd that seems to think they are royalty, and we, the peasants are here to support them.

What Pratt and his flunkies have done is to get the city $9 Million under false pretenses, that Kerrville residents are on the hook for.

Peasants arise - it's time to get out the pitchforks!!


  1. Looks like Stork admitted in public that Council (except White) and the City Attorney have been violating the Texas Open Meeting Act. Rick, you should file a complaint with KCSO to investigate this potential criminal violation.


  2. "Rick, you should file a complaint with KCSO to investigate this potential criminal violation."

    Sounds good on paper, but I would not expect any local agencies to conduct a fair investigation of this matter.