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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Jack Pratt Thanks Daddy for the Ass Whuppins'

Thanks to a reader who brought this to my attention. Jack "Rambo" Pratt on his website thanks his parents for instilling in him the character and honesty we've all come to expect and admire. Reminds me of Hildabeast Clinton last week when she told some paid whore reporter that she's never told a lie.
When Jack told a lie, Daddy would get out the ol' razor strap and give him and ass whuppin'.

So I guess I have to now admit that Jack (formerly known as Jacques Perout) really was a Special Forces operator who did six tours in the 'Nam, with maybe a tour of duty with the Navy Seals.

Discipline: In my youth, when my Dad applied the razor strap or belt to my backside, in a correction of character session, it was always done directly proportional to the atrociousness of the deed that I had committed, and after consultation with our mother. There was no mitigation of the punishment wrought by a pronouncement that everybody was doing it or that others had led me to do the despicable deed.
My Mom and Dad were concerned solely about my integrity, work ethic, and welfare and that of my brothers. Their thoughts were that no matter how foul of character others might be, how morally deficient they were, or how perverse their acts; their children were not going to abide in that category.

No matter how stinging the punishment, it was exceedingly preferable to that which was administered should I attempt to cover the transgression with a lie. This was a sure fire way to experience the injection of lightening and thunder into my life.

Thanks Mom and Dad!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

More on Mayor Jack 'Rambo' Pratt's communication skills

I was looking again at Rambo Pratt's new website and found this. See if you can spot the misspelled word:
"Communication between public  officials and residents is essentail for the success of any community."

And on the same homepage: "Thank you to the citizens of Kerrville Texas for giving me the priviledge and honor of serving you for another term as your mayor."

Just the kind of educated leader we need to lead our great city!!!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Jack Pratt - the Christian/Conservative/Visionary/Republican/Six tours in 'Nam/ Updated Website

Jack Pratt f/k/a Jacques Pouret a/k/a Secret Squirrel's updated website has a picture of him when his hair was still black:

Jack "Rambo" Pratt has updated his website www.jackpratt.nethttp://www.jackpratt.net gearing up for his campaign for his third term as Kerrville mayor where. He writes, "Thank you to the citizens of Kerrville Texas for giving me the priviledge and honor of serving you for another term as your mayor."

I guess they don't require someone to know how to spell before they join Army Special Forces, and all those Fortune 500 companies he consults with don't care either. Curiously, Jacques doesn't brag about his six tours in 'Nam on his revised website.

But no matter, you should vote for Jacko or Jacques because of his stellar qualifications:

Christian  ◊  Conservative  ◊  No Nonsense   ◊   Pragmatic  ◊  Visionary  ◊  Less Government   ◊   Property Rights  ◊  Strong Leadership  ◊  Republican  ◊  No New Taxes

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Kerrville Mayor Jack Pratt's Secret History - French Foreign Legion ??

I've done some investigating and found where our very own Jack Pratt, Mayor of Kerrville, was in the French Foreign Legion. At least that's what I think, since he went by the name Jacques Pouret when he lived at 2670 Marilee Dr. Apt. 56B, in Houston. Or maybe he was pretending to be Jacques Cousteau, or Ross Perot. Maybe he'd like to enlighten the voters.

I also think I found a picture of him when he was using that nom de guerre:

I'm sure it's some Secret Squirrel stuff, classified and he can't talk about it.

Jack 'Rambo' Pratt Files for Re-Election Kerrville Mayor; Nasty Neighbors; Heights of Kerrville

Jack Pratt, has filed to seek reelection as Kerrville mayor. This is after his exposure in the San Antonio Express News by reporter Zeke MacCormack as a fraud. Pratt is another in a long string of film flam men who retired from some big city and moved to Kerrville, claiming to be a war hero. The gullible people in this town accept the lies hook line and sinker. When Pratt first ran for mayor against incumbent Paul Wampler, he (Pratt) claimed he was Army Special Forces who'd served four or five or six tours in Vietnam. I'm told that for a while he even claimed he had been a Navy Seal. Turns out he was a personnel clerk and the closest he got to the front lines was his six weeks sitting in an air conditioned office in Saigon. What real vets call a REMF. Kerrville is full of secret squirrels like Pratt and Herbert C. Williamson III, who falsely claimed for years that he was a decorated helicopter pilot in Vietnam, when he was in fact a reservist who did about six months active duty in New Jersey. I wish we had a Patton to come in and slap these liars.

Incredibly, on his website for Summit Advisors he still claims to be a Vietnam vet:
"Jack Pratt's life can be described as 'a series of successes and unexpected turns.' One can see that he's a man not prone to "beating around the bush". He is a Texas native.  After serving in the United States Army and returning from his last tour of service in Vietnam, he has had stints of senior executive positions in the Health Care, Aero Space, Food & Beverage, Publishing, Energy and Financial industries, prior to moving into Management Consulting, where he successfully consults with organizations through many successful challenges." He also claims to have served on the boards of directors of several companies. Jack, if they were public companies, tell us who and we can get their annual reports and see your name there.

I hope his opponents will ask him to back up these outlandish claims with proof. Show us your DD-214. Give us a list of some of the companies where you were a senior executive. The claim to have worked in senior management in health care, aerospace, food & beverage, publishing, energy and financial industries in one life time would be pretty impressive - it would take about 100 years. Is he 125 years old?

He claims on his website "Mr. Pratt immerses himself  in the principles of hard work, honesty, loyalty and dedication." This is like someone I've just met telling me I can trust him because he's a devout Christian. I automatically check to make sure my wallet hasn't been lifted.

Moving on to another topic, that is, the retired lawyer who moved here from California, Richard Narcisso Vega Norat, and stalks women who have the temerity to walk through the open gates of the supposedly gated community of The Heights of Kerrville, sneaking up and taking their pictures, I found this on Yahoo News while web-surfing. Put it in the category of serendipity:

3 Nasty Neighbors Who Can Block Your Home Sale -- and How to Deal With Them

Most neighborly disputes don't have a legal remedy. Your best option: a diplomatic conversation, a smile, and crossed fingers. Sometimes the solution, sadly, is dropping your asking price and getting the hell out of Dodge.

Maybe your neighbor's just a miserable dude, eager to make you (and the whole block) equally miserable. Ailion recalls one particularly messy dispute over a neighbor who installed a peephole in his side door to spy on another neighbor's wife. More? He kept animals in the backyard and tossed them trash to eat. Oh, and he also shot his gun in the air while walking down the street.

These less-than-savory attributes made the home a nightmare to sell. Ultimately, Ailion says the owners sold their house to an out-of-state buyer who "did not ask about the neighborhood or why we were selling," and never bothered to speak with anyone else on the street. Eight months later, the buyer called to request help.

"My advice was to tell him it's his problem, and to try to get along with his neighbor," Ailion says.
I've tried to contact the owners of The Heights of Kerrville about this problem. I tried the contact form on the website. I called the "sales office" (which doesn't exist, or if it does it's camouflaged) and got zero response. I've written the head honcho of the company that owns the development, The PNL Companies in Dallas. No response.

I love these developers who put up billboards and run ads inviting you to visit the most exclusive gated, planned community in the Hill Country, you take them up and drive through the OPEN GATES of the "gated community," and are accosted by some dangerous nut. I'll have more to say on this. Tomorrow I'll post some pictures of the open gates and what passes for a guard house with no guard.

Pratt and Herbert Williamson should move to the Heights and they can ride around on Harleys with their new friend Richard Narcisso Vega Norat chasing the rabble like me out. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Caveat Emptor/Buyer Beware: My Open Letter to Management of the Heights of Kerrville with copy to Police Chief David Young

Attorney at Law
Broadway Bank Bldg. 
500 Main St. Suite J
Kerrville, Texas 78028
Phone: (830) 792-5601
Facsimile: (830) 792-5602

Board Certified in Civil Trial Law E-Mail: rellison@richellison.com and Personal Injury Trial Law, 
and Criminal Law
Texas Board of Legal Specialization

February 16, 2016

Scott L. Kocurek
PNL Management Company, LLC
2100 Ross Ave. Suite 2900
Dallas, TX 75201

Re: The Heights of Kerrville 

Dear Mr. Kocurek:

I obtained your contact information through the Secretary of State. You have a serious problem 
at your property The Heights of Kerrville. I have been contacted by several people who have 
been accosted by one of your residents who were simply walking on the public roads in that 
development. The resident, one Richard Narcisso Vega Norat, actually gets out of his truck and approaches unaccompanied women, demanding to know who they are, what they are doing, and so on. He takes their pictures and threatens to call the police because he claims that the whole property is his and they are trespassing. 

I have had the personal unpleasantness of three encounters with him. The most recent was today, when I drove through the open gate on Harper Rd., in my clean, late model sedan. I was dressed for work (white shirt). I could have been a potential buyer. In fact, I had thought about buying a lot there to build a home on. There is no way in hell I would ever consider that now. Mr. Norat was patrolling the whole property on his motorcycle and he followed me into a street with a cul de sac. When I turned to exit, he tried to stop me. I kept going, he followed, and took pictures of me. Last Sunday my wife and I had walked with our dogs there, and were outside the gate, which was locked at that time. He stopped his truck, got out, and tried to sneak up on my wife. 

He is not accosting nobodies; they are people who live in nice neighborhoods, have money, and are prominent in the community (it would be just as bad to do this to people without money). It is my opinion that this man is mentally unstable and is a threat to the public. Furthermore, the streets there are open to the public, and people walking or driving there are not trespassing. I can give you the statutory and case citations if you don’t believe me. 

He wins. I won’t ever walk there again, will never buy property there, and will tell anyone I know why not. A nut like this will be a constant sore to anyone unfortunate enough to have the misfortune of being in the same vicinity. He can have the whole 300 acres to himself. Of course, that may not look good to your investors. 

Sincerely yours,

/s/ Richard L. Ellison

Cc: Chief David Knight 

Kerrville Police Dept. 

Update on The Heights in Kerrville Stalker; Texas prosecutor who sent innocent man to death row is disbarred

A couple of days ago I wrote about my encounter with one Richard  Narcisso Vega Norat, a retired lawyer from Florida (I thought he was California - sorry Californians for the slander) who accosted me and my wife outside the gates of the subdivision The Heights of Kerrville. Today I was on my way home from court wearing a white shirt and driving a nice sedan, and drove through to look at a lot I've had my eye on. Not exactly looking like riffraff. No way in hell would I buy anything there now.  Mr. Lawyer was patrolling on his Harley flying American flags and followed me, and when I turned in a cul de sac and started back he tried to stop me. I continued my tour of the subdivision and he followed me at a distance then dismounted and started taking pictures of my car.
The gates were open. There's no sales office, and if you call the management you get a voice mail. The only person a prospective buy sees or talks to is this stalker. Great marketing plan! I've talked to women that he has frightened.
Hey Heights developer - you want exclusive - you got exclusive. You and your stalker can have the whole 300 acres to yourselves! You've sold about 10 lots, what's that rate of return going to be?

Another example of why people hate lawyers from Houston Chronicle
AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — A former prosecutor who used false testimony and withheld evidence to send a now-exonerated man to Texas' death row has lost an appeal to overturn his disbarment.

The Dallas Morning News reports that the Board of Disciplinary Appeals on Monday upheld the decision of the State Bar of Texas to disbar Charles Sebesta. The board's decision is final. Anthony
Graves spent 18 years in prison, including 12 on death row. He filed a complaint in January 2014.

In a ruling issued when Sebesta was originally disbarred, the disciplinary panel found that he failed to provide several items of exculpatory evidence to the defense during Graves' trial, presented false testimony to the jury, made a false statement of material fact to the trial judge and engaged in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

California Prick Lawyer Sighting

California Prick Lawyer: Richard Narciso Vega Norat

I am looking for a test case on the issue of elitist shitheads who move into our area from California and other hellholes and act like they own the place. I and lots of other residents of Kerrville have enjoyed walking in the Heights Subdivision for years. The Heights is a gated community with lots ranging from 70k to 300k. I'm a firm believer in private property; however, it makes me sick when some rich prick retired lawyer moves in and thinks that because he owns one little lot on a 300 acre subdivision that he has the right to stalk and harass people walking on public streets subsidized by my tax dollars. The gates automatically open at 8:00 a.m. so that anyone can walk or drive through, and that makes it a public place.
The bully, whose picture is above, accosts and stalks women, taking pictures with his cell phone (Maybe he's just a lecher). He accosted me yesterday, and claims that the police have started issuing citations for trespass. If you have gotten a citation or know someone who has, I am looking for a test case, that I will defend pro bono. Call me.

There are so many levels to a story like this. For instance, it says volumes about the Kerrville economy and culture and its dearth of decent jobs, or cultural diversity, or points of view. I really may go back to Houston when retire so I don't have to look at bitter, angry old white pricks. I may live long enough to be an old white man but I won't be like so many of the turds I see in this place.
from S.A.E.N.
An angry judge in San Antonio reluctantly gave a Qatari military officer and his wife probation and ordered them deported immediately for abusing two female servants who were brought to the U.S. to clean the couple’s posh home in the Dominion.
Chief U.S. District Judge Orlando Garcia, still bothered by the plea deal prosecutors reached with lawyers of Hasan Al-Homoud, and his wife, Zainab Al-Hosani, threatened to jail them. The judge called the Qatari couple’s actions “barbaric” and ordered them to leave the country, saying that if they hit a snag on their departure, he’d order them returned here to wait in jail until the issue was resolved.
“This person is never, ever to enter the U.S. again. Never. Ever,” Garcia said. “I want them to leave. Out.”

e src/business/templates/hearst/article/headline.tpl hearst/common/author_name.tpl By Guillermo Contreras e hearst/common/author_name.tpl Updated 11:55 am, Friday, February 12, 2016

Peyton Place in Harris Co. Sheriff Dept
The Harris County Sheriff's Office terminated a third deputy related to a sex scandal that has rocked the agency following the murder of Deputy Darren Goforth in August.

On Friday afternoon, the sheriff's office announced it was firing Deputy Jason Goodrich, 27, who worked for two years on the Patrol Bureau.
Sheriff Ron Hickman said his deputies needed to treat interactions with witnesses "like a doctor-patient relationship."
"While you wouldn't think you'd have to say that - that it's a bad thing to sleep with witnesses - apparently in this day and age you have to spell it out," he said in an interview Thursday.

From Grits for Breakfast: Triplet of Austin PD court losses over police abuse may signal trend

From Law360, Dallas by Jess Davis (February 10, 2016, 7:35 PM ET) -- A Texas appellate court Tuesday sanctioned a retired doctor for filing a frivolous appeal, after he argued a lawsuit alleging he was negligent for letting his cattle stray into the road should have been treated as a health care liability claim and dismissed.

The Fifth Court of Appeals in Dallas said Dr. Richard Archer and his counsel acted so egregiously in their appeal of the now-infamous “cow in the road” case that they must pay $2,205 to opposing counsel ....

I was shocked and saddened to read that Supreme Court Justice Scalia had died. He was a fierce protector of civil liberties against government encroachment. And he wrote beautifully.

Friday, February 12, 2016

There are bad cops, and school teachers too

Nationalreview.com has a thoughtful article that calls out conservatives for automatically thinking that all cops are heroes, available here:
The author's point summed up: The Right is deluding itself about law enforcement. 

Is it really so difficult to believe that there is widespread wrongdoing, and widespread lying about it, among U.S. law-enforcement agencies, particularly those in big, Democrat-run cities infamous for the corruption of their other municipal institutions? Why do conservatives find it so plausible — obvious, even — that the IRS and the EPA and the Atlanta public schools are corrupt and self-serving, but somehow believe that the Baltimore police department isn’t?

Our police departments have the same problems as our other government agencies, exacerbated by the fact that police are, inevitably, in the business of violence. 

Some police officers are indeed heroes. Some are villains. Most are ordinary, time-serving municipal employees like any other, and telling ourselves otherwise is sentimental rubbish.

And not all teachers are angels, as this from the S.A. Express News illustrates:

A former teacher at an El Paso elementary school is on the run from federal authorities after being charged in connection with an alleged drug trafficking ring run by her family members.
In October, a federal grand jury in El Paso indicted Monica Velasco, a 42-year-old teacher at Thomas Manor Elementary School, on charges of conspiracy connected to racketeering, drug trafficking, money laundering and kidnapping in a foreign country.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Two Cops Murdered in Maryland ‘Ambush’; Shot Because ‘Wearing Uniform’

Two Cops Murdered in Maryland ‘Ambush’; Shot Because ‘Wearing Uniform’
ABINGDON, Md. (AP) — A gunman fatally shot a sheriff’s deputy inside a crowded restaurant at lunchtime Wednesday and killed another deputy in a shootout nearby, authorities and witnesses said.
The suspect was killed in the shootout not far from the shopping center where the restaurant was situated, Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler said. Remarkably, no bystanders were hurt.

Police: Concealed Permit Holder Saves Officer Surrounded By Mob
On February 5, an armed citizen saved an Upper Darby police officer who was under assault and encircled by a mob of onlookers.
Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood said “there is no doubt they would have attacked” the officer without the armed citizen’s intervention.
According to Philly.com, the officer was breaking up a fight between two Upper Darby High School students–after school had let out for the day–and one of the students jumped the officer. Superintendent Chitwood said, “As he breaks up the fight, he takes one kid and then the other jumps [on] him. Now he’s fighting two of them and he’s calling for an assist officer at the same time. There’s a crowd of 40 or 50 kids watching the fight, and they all move in towards the officer.”
An area resident with a concealed carry permit saw the officer struggling and the crowd closing in, so he grabbed his gun and ran to the officer’s defense. 

Ex-L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca pleads guilty in jail scandal
Retired Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca pleaded guilty Wednesday to lying to federal investigators, a stunning reversal for the longtime law enforcement leader who for years insisted he played no role in the misconduct that tarnished his agency.
Baca’s plea in a downtown courtroom capped a string of prosecutions that began with low-ranking officials and worked up the chain of command.
His former No. 2, Paul Tanaka, is scheduled to stand trial in March on charges that he obstructed a federal investigation into brutality and corruption by sheriff's deputies in the county jails.

Houston: Sheriff’s office fires another deputy accused of relationship with Goforth witness
from S.A. Express News
The Harris County Sheriff's Office has terminated a deputy for employee misconduct with a witness to the murder of Deputy Darren Goforth. The sheriff's office said in a press release that it had terminated Deputy M. DeLeon on Tuesday. In October, the sheriff's office revealed that one of its homicide detectives, Craig Clopton, had also been sexually involved with the woman. The sheriff's office fired Clopton, for the misconduct, and clarified a department policy requiring deputies not to have sexual contact with "... any individual who is a party to an ongoing active investigation."

Bexar County detention deputy accused of trying to cut son’s throat acquitted
from S.A. Express News

SAPD: 2nd officer was present at time of fatal shooting of unarmed Antronie Scott
From S.A. Express News
SAN ANTONIO — John Lee, who fatally shot an unarmed man on the North Side last week, was not the only uniformed San Antonio Police Department officer at the scene, according to new details revealed in an incident report obtained by MySA.com Wednesday. Officer Lee said he believed Antronie Scott, 36, was holding a gun at the time of the shooting, however, the object was a cellphone.

Body of slain Mexican journalist found wrapped in plastic, handcuffed on side of highway
From S.A. Express News
The body of a Mexican journalist who was kidnapped from her home by a group of armed men Monday was found handcuffed and bound, with a plastic bag wrapped around her head and dumped on the side of a highway Tuesday, according to Mexican media reports.
Anabel Flores Salazar, a freelance crime reporter for several publications including El Sol de Orizaba in Veracruz, was identified by relatives late Tuesday night and the death was confirmed by the attorneys general of Puebla and Veracruz.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Man charged with murder for setting Houston lawyer on fire

This story falls into the category of why I am a firm believer in the Second Amendment:
"Authorities have arrested a Houston man charged with murder, accused of setting fire to a 67-year-old lawyer and his 45-year-old son, after a spat on Monday.
Curtis Lee Holliman, 32, had been living with attorney Kirby Taylor and his son Dexter since 2008, according to court records.
On Monday, Holliman apparently took offense at being laughed at by the father and son, went upstairs at the residence in the 2200 block of Ewing and returned with a flammable liquid that he sloshed on both men, court documents show.
Holliman is accused of using a barbecue lighter to set the two men on fire, a blaze that left the older man covered in burns more than 30 percent of his body and killed the younger man."

On the other hand, you have to wonder why a 60 something year old lawyer is letting a 32 year old unrelated man live in his house, and what kind of vetting he did.

According to his profile on Lawyers.com, Taylor was a criminal defense lawyer.

A South Texas police chief and a former police officer have been charged in connection with the theft of marijuana from the department's evidence locker.
Sullivan Police Chief Miguel Martinez and former Sullivan police officer Angel De La Mora were arraigned Tuesday on charges of theft by a public servant, abuse of official capacity and possession of marijuana stemming from the alleged incident in May 2015, according to online jail records.