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Monday, February 22, 2016

Jack Pratt - the Christian/Conservative/Visionary/Republican/Six tours in 'Nam/ Updated Website

Jack Pratt f/k/a Jacques Pouret a/k/a Secret Squirrel's updated website has a picture of him when his hair was still black:

Jack "Rambo" Pratt has updated his website www.jackpratt.nethttp://www.jackpratt.net gearing up for his campaign for his third term as Kerrville mayor where. He writes, "Thank you to the citizens of Kerrville Texas for giving me the priviledge and honor of serving you for another term as your mayor."

I guess they don't require someone to know how to spell before they join Army Special Forces, and all those Fortune 500 companies he consults with don't care either. Curiously, Jacques doesn't brag about his six tours in 'Nam on his revised website.

But no matter, you should vote for Jacko or Jacques because of his stellar qualifications:

Christian  ◊  Conservative  ◊  No Nonsense   ◊   Pragmatic  ◊  Visionary  ◊  Less Government   ◊   Property Rights  ◊  Strong Leadership  ◊  Republican  ◊  No New Taxes

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  1. If Buster Baldwin had that hair.....he would President of the United States!!! MARK MY WORD