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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Jack Pratt Thanks Daddy for the Ass Whuppins'

Thanks to a reader who brought this to my attention. Jack "Rambo" Pratt on his website thanks his parents for instilling in him the character and honesty we've all come to expect and admire. Reminds me of Hildabeast Clinton last week when she told some paid whore reporter that she's never told a lie.
When Jack told a lie, Daddy would get out the ol' razor strap and give him and ass whuppin'.

So I guess I have to now admit that Jack (formerly known as Jacques Perout) really was a Special Forces operator who did six tours in the 'Nam, with maybe a tour of duty with the Navy Seals.

Discipline: In my youth, when my Dad applied the razor strap or belt to my backside, in a correction of character session, it was always done directly proportional to the atrociousness of the deed that I had committed, and after consultation with our mother. There was no mitigation of the punishment wrought by a pronouncement that everybody was doing it or that others had led me to do the despicable deed.
My Mom and Dad were concerned solely about my integrity, work ethic, and welfare and that of my brothers. Their thoughts were that no matter how foul of character others might be, how morally deficient they were, or how perverse their acts; their children were not going to abide in that category.

No matter how stinging the punishment, it was exceedingly preferable to that which was administered should I attempt to cover the transgression with a lie. This was a sure fire way to experience the injection of lightening and thunder into my life.

Thanks Mom and Dad!

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  1. It is interesting that Pratt posts the child abuse story in the very website where he has posted numerous lies. Perhaps he is somehow projecting, seeking to act out and find a new Daddy to Ass Whup him for his sins. Or, on the other hand, this may be a cry for help. Perhaps he is seeking support for long term regression therapy. In any event, Pratt needs to take some time off and seek professional help with his internal demons.