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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Kerrville Mayor Jack Pratt's Secret History - French Foreign Legion ??

I've done some investigating and found where our very own Jack Pratt, Mayor of Kerrville, was in the French Foreign Legion. At least that's what I think, since he went by the name Jacques Pouret when he lived at 2670 Marilee Dr. Apt. 56B, in Houston. Or maybe he was pretending to be Jacques Cousteau, or Ross Perot. Maybe he'd like to enlighten the voters.

I also think I found a picture of him when he was using that nom de guerre:

I'm sure it's some Secret Squirrel stuff, classified and he can't talk about it.


  1. I don't hear Pratt or any other politician talking about the M. Lynch homicide. It has been a month since Lynch was killed by KPD and still no release of any information, except to disparage the deceased. I suppose the information belongs to LE, and the citizens are just guests who are expected to pay all of the bills and follow a path of "Kerrville style" political correctness. Everyone senses something is wrong, but no one dares talk about it. There is no chance for personal gain by asking questions about the homicide, and that is the ultimate test of whether a situation will be challenged in Kerr County.

  2. Richard, FYI (Grits for Breakfast Feb 16 2016)

    Calling out media manipulation on police shootings
    Austin PD's media manipulation tactic of waiting until after the initial press cycle to inform reporters that naked high school kid in Austin who was gunned down by a police officer was unarmed backfired on them in the case of David Joseph. Opined the Statesman's editorial board:
    That delay was too long for information that had to be known to the police department within hours — if not sooner — following the shooting. That is a misstep the department should not repeat as the investigation into this tragedy unfolds.

    It’s also the kind of misstep that undermines public confidence in the police department’s ability to investigate its own officers. It’s the kind of lag that fuels public perception that the police department is buying time to craft excuses to justify an officer’s use of lethal force under suspect circumstances rather than conducting a fair investigation that goes where the evidence leads.
    Managing coverage of police shootings media cycle by media cycle - eliding the truth as long as possible while the department gets its story straight - is a tried and true old-school method of media management that will probably soon become outdated now that the news cycle runs an hour or two at a time instead of 24. This has been ridiculously common as long as I've followed these civil rights issues around police shootings. You can often tell the dubious ones because the department's story changes over time. Initial press announcements following police shootings in many cases misstate or obfuscate key facts - like overlooking that the naked guy was unarmed - which sometimes are corrected in followup coverage days or weeks later, sometimes years later in litigation, or sometimes not at all. It's really good to see the media calling them out on it.