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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Another Ingram "Residential" Property that paid $25 to connect to wastewater system

These are pictures of some of the property owned by Jerry Stephens. He operates a cedar yard with all that entails, and sells and services ATV's and chain saws. The City of Ingram, led by Mayor James Salter, let Stephens connect at the residential rate of $25 per lot, for total of about $125.

In a federal lawsuit where I represent a businessman that the City has threatened to shut down if he doesn't pay $5,000 to connect far less space that the lumber yard/ATV/chain saw business, the City's lawyers claim that Stephens also got a big discount because he gave the city an easement for its sewer line. The geniuses at the city didn't know or didn't care that there was already an easement for a freshwater line, with a fresh (drinking) water line. The city installed the sewer line right next to the drinking water line, and TCEQ is making them dig it up. 

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  1. As I recall, several years ago Ingram declared itself to be a “Colonia” to access a loophole in a W. Bush grant program designed to improve sewer systems in border Colonias. Colonias are generally un-platted subdivisions that are nestled up to the Rio Grande, with adverse possession claims galore. Many have no electricity and are among the worst living conditions in the free world. The ultra-conservative Ingram group, led by Danny Edwards, managed to finagle Ingram into this program and received a large government welfare check to improve the sewer system. I was sadden to see Ingram stoop this low to feed from the government welfare trough while taking funds away from those living in abject poverty. The move was celebrated in locally, and Danny Edwards became a local hero.

    Fast forward to March 2016, and one can see the results of free government money. The antics in Ingram would make a Chicago welfare mother blush.