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Friday, March 18, 2016

City of Ingram puts sewage line next to drinking water line

Kerrville Daily Times has a good article today by Sean Batura about the ongoing incompetence of the city of Ingram administration, "TCEQ tells Ingram to fix sewer problems." It's behind a paywall, but the essence is this - the city got an easement from Jerry Stephens, who owns about a block of property with a cedar yard, ATV sales and repair store, and hookups for RV's. In exchange, the city let him connect his commercial properties at the residential price of $25 per lot, total about $125. Other businesses are supposed to pay $5,000!
I believe James Salter was mayor at the time.
The city administrators knew there was already a freshwater line in the same easement, but put a sewer line in only two feet away. State regulations require at least 9 feet. Does mere incompetence explain this?
A Pennsylvania lawyer accused of robbing a Wells Fargo Bank last October has been disbarred by consent.
The disbarment for 58-year-old lawyer Steven Cormier of Nesquehoning will take effect on April 10, report the Standard Speaker, the Morning Call and the Legal Profession Blog. He is awaiting trial on charges of bank robbery, making terroristic threats and possession of an instrument of crime.

D.C. chief district judge resigns after sex abuse lawsuit is filed
The chief U.S. district judge for Washington D.C. suddenly resigned Wednesday as news surfaced of a sex-abuse lawsuit filed against him by a Utah woman.

The lawsuit filed in Salt Lake City by Terry Mitchell accuses Judge Richard W. Roberts of repeatedly raping her when she was a witness in a 1981 federal trial and he was a federal prosecutor handling civil-rights cases.

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  1. All of the current problems in Ingram can be traced directly to the large government welfare check they received to improve the sewer system. Led by so called conservative, Danny Edwards, the good folks of Ingram made the case were actually an impoverished “Colonia” to qualify for the government handout. All of this was done without shame, except for the when the County Commissioners had to approve the “Colonia” status. You should have seen the look on Buster Baldwin’s face when he voted for the designation. I was there, and he looked like he had just been castrated. As soon as the “free money” started rolling in, the leaders acted just like a welfare mother that abuses the system. Money was missing, shortcuts were taken….etc. Even though most in Ingram are vocal about how “conservative” and “Christian” they are, one may want to watch their actions more and listen to the lip service and symbolism less.