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Monday, April 18, 2016

Kerrville Daily Times reverts to form

The KDT recently announced that publisher Max Graxiola was retiring. I wish him the best, but it is a loss to Kerrville. Under his tenure the paper actually published news, and wasn't afraid to take on some of the local power strutter, especially the machine at city hall and the Caillouxs with their boondoggle projects.
Alas, no more. Today's lead article is about reform mayoral candidate Bonnie White's campaign signs supposedly violating the Texas Ethics Code by having the word "for" in too small a type (it's less than 3/16'' too small). The article helpfully refers readers to the full complaint online. Here's where it gets interesting - the complaint was filed by Greg Shrader, who was Graxiola's predecessor. Shrader is also the campaign treasurer for White's opponent. 
Here's a question - is Shrader still involved in the management of the paper? He left Kerrville to manage a sister paper in Lufkin, and now he's back. 
The other front page articles are the typical feel-good drivel of a "family newspaper" - "Kids with special needs get the VIP treatment," and "Tivy takes lunch outside," with the fascinating story of how the local high school had a picnic with food from Popeye's Fried Chicken.

Woman who faked being a lawyer for nearly a decade was in line to be named partner when her fraud was discovered
Kimberly Kitchen, 45, of James Creek, Pennsylvania, was charged on Thursday with forgery and unauthorized practice of law
She allegedly forged a law license, bar exam results and an email showing she attended Duquesne University law school
Kitchen also served as president of the Huntingdon County Bar Association
She could face up to six years in prison if she's convicted

Money, Sex for Secrets: Highest-Ranking Navy Officer Ever Sentenced to Prison
U.S. Capt. Daniel Dusek, the highest-ranking U.S. Navy officer charged so far in a bribery scandal, was sentenced Friday to 46 months in prison for selling classified information to an Asian defense contractor in exchange for prostitutes, luxury hotel stays, and other favors.

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  1. Shrader is now, and has always been a tool, not a member, of the local good old boys club. His recent LTE published in the KDT marked the beginning of a counteroffensive by the insiders to deflect attention from the money / power issues and refocus on meaningless fluff stories. I knew there were changes afoot at the KDT when I saw the headline: "Commissioners at Odds Over Insect Garden". This is clearly a return to Shrader's Gomer Plyle style of news reporting. The bad news for Shrader and his gang is that now there is some willingness to challenge the system in Kerrville. Let's see if he can get the ship back on course for the aging good old boys.