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Monday, May 23, 2016

DOJ lawyers lie to Federal Court; Agents lie to DEA; Black Lives Matter Sex Trafficker; Pervert Preachers and Popes

‘Intentionally deceptive’ Justice Dept. lawyers ordered to take ethics classes
A federal judge ordered the Justice Department to send its lawyers back to remedial ethics classes Thursday after finding that the administration repeatedly misled the court in the high-profile challenge to President Obama’s deportation amnesty.

Judge Andrew S. Hanen said the lawyers knew the administration was approving amnesty applications but actively hid that information both from him and from the 26 states that had sued to stop the amnesty.

Worse yet, even after the court ordered a halt to the whole amnesty, the Department of Homeland Security approved several thousand more applications, in defiance of the court’s strict admonition, Judge Hanen said, counting at least four separate times the government’s attorneys misled him.

DEA Agents Arrested for Lying About Owning a Strip Club
Earlier this week, two veteran DEA agents were arrested after they conveniently neglected to disclose the fact that they owned a strip club. To make things worse, these double-dipping hypocrites employed mostly illegal immigrants, and reportedly encouraged them to engage in prostitution when they weren't collecting ones and fives.
The two agents under fire: David Polos, a DEA official based out of New York City, and Glen Glover, an office employee, were charged with providing the agency with inaccurate reports when they were asked about outside employment during a national security background check.

Black Lives Matter leader Charles Wade charged with sex trafficking
Charles Wade, a prominent Black Lives Matter organizer and co-founder of Operation Help or Hush, was arrested last month and charged with human trafficking and prostitution.

Mr. Wade was arrested at a Howard Johnson Inn in College Park, Maryland, on April 25. Police said he was residing in a motel room where he allegedly pimped a 17-year-old girl, The Daily Caller reported Thursday.

Exposing religious sexual hypocrisy is, as the cliché goes, like shooting fish in a barrel. If you follow the right Twitter accounts, literally every day there’s a new story of religious conservative leaders philandering, downloading illegal pornography, cruising for gay sex on the down low, or, by far worst of all, sexually abusing minors or other vulnerable people.

Meet the Worst Pope in History
Forget about the Borgias, this pope used the papal armies to massacre his family’s enemies, engage in incestuous threesomes, and question Mary’s virginity.

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