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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Greg "Tape Measure" Shrader can dish it out but can't take it

The Kerrville Daily Times reports this morning that the complaint that I filed with the Texas Ethics Commission on behalf of William Morgan was rejected with permission to supplement and refile, which we are in process of doing. The complaint alleges that Jack "Rambo" Pratt and Greg "Tape Measure" Shrader violated numerous ethics rules - some which also involve potential criminal violations - by making unauthorized use of the Chamber of Commerce's email list, concealing their identities behind a fictitious group they called Kerrville Citizens for Truth and sundry other misdeeds.
Shrader, who I'm told had dodged reporters, couldn't wait to fax the TEC's letter with this quote:
"The complaint and publicity surrounding it was a cheap political stunt based on groundless allegations designed to harm me and the Glen Andrew campaign."

Not really. The complaint has far more substance than the one that Tape Measure filed claiming that the word for on Bonnie White's campaign signs were 3/16'' too narrow. That blew up on Pratt, Shrader and Andrew when Mrs. White had ladies at the Republican Women's Club correct the alleged deficiency by adding a touch of eye shadow. If her signs were not in exact compliance, it was an honest mistake. Tape Measure and Rambo, on the other hand, went out of their way to conceal who was behind what has become known as the "Gateway" email blast. 


  1. I am sure the good old boys will rally around "Tape Measure" and pick up his legal defense bills....ha ha

  2. Tape Measure is good but there are other names that may be better - Dweezil (or Dweasel) or the Old Possum

  3. I wonder if Shrader thought he would be anointed as a "town father" when he returned to Kerrville? I thought it was interesting that he was vilified in many of the comments in the KDT in recent weeks. From what I can tell, there is a large contingent in Kerrville that views Shrader as a negative force, and believes the community was better off when he was in Lufkin.

  4. Great pic of Shrader. He looks like older Steve Doocy. I wonder if he is cultivating that look?