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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Jack "Rambo" Pratt and Greg "Tape Measure" Shrader Belly Flop

The San Antonio Express has a good article by Zeke MacCormack about the latest self inflicted wound by Jack  "Rambo" Pratt and Greg Shrader (or as Harley David Belew calls him, "Tape Measure Shrader") - Ethics gripes energized Kerrville campaigns. The Kerrville Daily Times already reported it on Monday, but this one adds some details, and makes it clearer that Rambo and Tape Measure probably made unauthorized use of the Chamber of Commerce's email list.  It is notable that Tape Measure, who was a newspaper man and may be consulting to the KDT, refused to take or return Zeke's phone calls. I think that's called admission by silence.

They remind me of the old Wylie Coyote, or Sylvester the Pussy Cat, whose schemes blow up in their faces. I think I found a picture of one of them:

And here's the other:

Meanwhile, the losers from Saturday's election plan to put one of their own into Bonnie White's vacant seat. Rumor has it that they will nominate her opponent Glen Andrew. Now I don't know Mr. Andrew. I've met him once in the parking lot at the Cailloux Theatre when I went to vote. But given the cloud that Rambo Pratt and Tape Measure Shrader have created with their ham handed endorsement and the pending ethics complaint I don't think that's such a good idea. 


  1. I am sorry to see Shrader learning the role of an "instrument" the hard way. While the real powers are regrouping to reassert control, Shrader is left "holding the bag" with a pending legal case.

  2. Mr. Bass’s attempt to veil himself and his company in the flag is a tried and tested tool to trick and exploit people, especially in Kerr County, where the belief in home grown religious and patriotic views runs deep. I do see the ability to use over the top religious and patriotic proclamations having diminished effect, as local leaders have defiantly pulled this well too hard. The locals are growing weary of phony Jesus loving war heroes with something to sell. Mayor Jack Pratt was probably the tipping point in this movement. Additionally, recent claims by Max Greiner of Angels, healings and gold dust at his million man cross have become an embarrassment, especially to the many good Christians of Kerr County. This twisted form of self-mockery is now out of fashion. If you doubt this, just take a look and Richard Mosty’s web site. Not too long ago Mr. Mosty dedicated a substantial portion of his web site to highlight his position in the church, with an in depth Christian resume. All of this has been completely and totally cleansed in a web site makeover. Today his web site deals exclusively with his lawyer skills, which are substantial. For my money, Richard Mosty is the most street (country road) savvy fellow in the County, and when he changes direction, it is not by happenstance or impulse.

  3. The last comment post (@1:31 pm) was intended to attach to the the prior blog post which dealt with R. Bass.