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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Ken Starr the Hypocrite Gets Comeuppance; Violent Crime in Kerrville

I'm not a big fan of Bill Clinton but I thought at the time that the attacks against him for the Monica Lewinski affair and the way Ken Starr set hip up for a perjury rap was below the belt. The Republicans couldn't win in a fair election so they cooked up the Lewinsky/Paula Jones cases to overthrow Clinton in a coup de etat. Now it turns out that Dennis Hastert was a homosexual molester of the high school kids in his charge, and Starr is a protector of rapists if they are football players.

And while we're discussing hypocrisy -

Colombia: DEA Agents in New Prostitution Scandal
DEA agents in Colombia held sex parties with prostitutes hired by narco-traffickers, according to an investigation by the US Justice Department released March 26. In a series of interviews with DoJ's Office of the Inspector General, former Colombian police officers said that they arranged the parties at government-leased quarters between 2005 and 2008, and also provided protection for the agents' weapons and property during the affairs. The report goes on to detail how several DEA agents were provided money, gifts, and weapons by local drug cartel operatives.

I was saddened to hear of the murder of Sherry Ruth Francis in the parking lot of the Ranch Radio station this week. She just got up and went to work before dawn never thinking she would die that day. Some evil bastard ambushed her, apparently in a random attack. Not long ago, a couple of months maybe, another woman was raped not far from there. Then there's the young dance student who was raped and murdered on the UT campus recently. Women - please, please be aware of your surroundings and get your CHL and get training and practice. When possible, don't go out alone. I'm not being patronizing or sexist. About the only time I'm not armed is when I'm in a courthouse. 

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