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Monday, May 9, 2016

San Antonio Pervert Lawyer

Lawyer Mark H. Benavides faces a charge of compelling prostitution, a second-degree felony.
A judge set a $250,000 bond Monday for a San Antonio attorney who was indicted and accused of coercing clients into having sex with him in exchange for money or legal services.

Mea Culpa
When Obama was running for president the first time I wrote a letter to the editor at the Hill Country Community Journal criticizing Harley Belew, who wrote a column at the time, for saying that Obama was unqualified to be president, and as I recall, calling him a socialist and not an American. I wrote that such views had to be motivated by racism and, foolishly, called Mr. Belew a racist bigot. I was full of s--t and he was right. 
Obama was a master at getting people like me - an educated white Southerner - to feel guilty about how blacks were treated when I was growing up in the South.  Like I had anything to do with slavery or Jim Crow laws. 
I am seriously considering keeping my opinions on national politics to myself from now on. Was it the Buddha who said you don't have to open your mouth and spout out an opinion just because you have one. 

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  1. 250 K for bond is ridiculous. Murder will get you less than that in Bexar County. He did not rape the women, and the women had many options, one of which was to say no.