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Friday, May 13, 2016

Update on KDT article re. Hill Country Tel. Co. Employees Scamming Elderly Man of Insurance

The Kerrville Daily Times had a great article by Sean Batura Thursday titled "92 year-old veteran says he was defrauded of wife's life insurance." The insurance coordinator at Hill Country Telephone Cooperative and a coworker cooked up a scheme to get a woman dying of cancer to cut her husband out of her insurance policy. The lady died four days later. Sean reported:
"It is undisputed that on Sept. 1, 2015, four days before her death, Shirley [McCubbin] was at home when [Mary] Arhelger and a coworker, Betty Drawe, arrived with a change of beneficiary form, which [Curtis] McCubbin's complaint was then either signed by Shirley or forged. At the time ... McCubbin was in the hospital recovering from a broken hip he'd sustained the previous day....
"Shirley was legally blind, breathing through oxygen tubes and unable to even hold her head up. Arhelger and Drawe sat on either side of her at the kitchen table to obtain her signature on the change form....

Arhelger admitted in her deposition that she intends to share some of the money - from a $250,000 insurance policy - with Drawe.

Curtis McCubbin was a flight engineer on bombers in the Pacific in WWII. He put his life on the line for this country and this is how his wife's former employer treats him. Which is  ironic, given the lip service the employer gives to veterans. The President of the Board is one Williard R. "Randy" Bass and he wrote in the last company newsletter:
"In spite of all the negativity being pushed by the mainstream media and all of the anti-American sentiment circulating the country, this is still the United States of America where we have freedoms and rights that many have fought and died to secure for us. As Americans, we have all made a choice to live in Rural America."
Hurray America! Hurray veterans!! Hurray Rural American values!!!!

Who was it who said the last refuge of a scoundrel is patriotism?

Randy Bass knows exactly what his employees have done, because Dr. McCubbin, who thought Bass was a friend, ask him for help and got the brush off. Just to be sure, I wrote him and asked why he was letting the insurance coordinator - Betty Drawe - treat an employee and her widower like this. No response. Dr. McCubbin asked the manager of employee and insurance benefits, Bernice Fischer, for help. No response.

The CEO - Delbert Wilson and the directors of this company are as culpable as Drawe and Arhelger for letting this happen. They are:
Edward (Ed) Bastian
(District #1B-Ingram)
Willard R.(Randy) Bass (District #2-Hunt);
JimFaught (District #4-Doss);
MacNaughton (District #8-Medina & Tarpley).

Since the article came out I've had people calling me to say they think that someone should go to prison for insurance fraud on the elderly.


  1. I am sure there will be many eyes on the DA regarding this case, especially after Gus Schreiner received a slap on the wrist after defrauding an elderly person. While Kerr County prosecutors are very tough on petty marijuana possession, they seem to be relatively unconcerned with abuse of the elderly.

  2. I am wondering what the outcome was in November. My daughter and I had a long visit with Mr McCubbins at culvers one evening after he shared his sad story with me. He was such a kind man who shouldn't be spending hours latter years fighting for what was rightfully his. Shame on anyone who takes advantage of an elderly person, and even more so on one who risked his life for our freedom!!