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Friday, June 17, 2016

Dumb Judge and Cops Roundup

Brock Turner judge’s credibility gone: Prosecutors have Persky removed from a similar sex assault case
If you were seeking a fair and just individual to oversee an assault case involving a man an unconscious woman, you probably wouldn’t think Judge Aaron Persky is your guy. And neither does the Santa Clara District Attorney.

Las Vegas Judge Who Humiliated Defense Attorney Loses Election In A Landslide
A Las Vegas judge who last month ordered a public defender to be placed in handcuffs in court, saying she needed to learn “a lesson” about courtroom etiquette, got a lesson of his own when he lost his seat in Tuesday’s primary election in Nevada.

In the race for Las Vegas Justice of the Peace, incumbent Conrad Hafen lost by a landslide to criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor Amy Chelini. With 100 percent of precincts reporting, Chelini defeated Hafen resoundingly, 62 percent to 24 percent (53,332 votes to 21,274 votes).

Ex-DEA Agent Convicted for Hiding Strip Club

A New York jury on Thursday convicted two former Drug Enforcement Administration employees for failing to disclose their ownership of a New Jersey strip bar. Former agent David Polos and DEA telecoms specialist Glen Glover hid their involvement in the Twins Go-Go Lounge, claiming they didn't need to do so because it was simply an "investment." Prosecutors emphasized that disclosure is imperative because a DEA agent cannot have outside work in a business where drug dealing and prostitution could take place.

Chemist May Have Tainted 24,000 Court Cases
Massachusetts has only reviewed 1 percent of the convictions based on Annie Dookhan’s tampered lab results.
Four years after chemist Annie Dookhan was arrested for falsifying evidence at Massachusetts’ state drug lab, less than 1 percent of the 24,000 cases she may have tampered with have been reviewed.

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