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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Prude Kenneth Starr is also an Idiot

Question leads to awkward interruption during Starr interview
WACO, Texas (KWTX) A question during News 10’s interview with former Baylor Chancellor and President Ken Starr about a rape victim’s email that was sent to his office and to several other officials led to an awkward interruption during which a well-known crisis management specialist convinced Starr to change his response.
This article is worth reading because it shows Starr tying himself in knots trying to explain away his incompetence and lies. Bill Clinton got crucified for the same thing but at least his lies were almost articulate and smooth by comparison.

Oklahoma Volunteer Deputy Sentenced to Four Years for Shooting Unarmed Black Man
A former volunteer deputy sheriff in Tulsa, Oklahoma was sentenced to four years in prison Tuesday for shooting an unarmed suspect after he had been taken into custody. Robert Bates, now 74 years old, said he mistakenly shot and killed Eric Harris in April 2015 during an illegal gun sales sting when he mistakenly drew and fired his handgun, which he thought was his stun gun.

District Attorney: Armed Citizen Performed ‘Public Service’ by Killing Robber

‘Like Cologne’: At Least 18 ‘Very Young Women’ Sexually Assaulted At Music Festival
As many as 26 young women may have been sexually abused at a festival in Germany, with the attackers employing pack tactics to surround and isolate girls before launching their assaults.
According to a police press statement, three suspects were arrested at the festival after the girls they allegedly attacked went directly to police to complain. The men, who were arrested and released pending further investigations, are Pakistani “asylum seekers” aged between 28 and 31 years old.

Liam Fee murder trial: Mum and lesbian partner guilty of killing toddler and blaming death on another child
The mum of tragic Liam Fee and her lesbian partner have been found guilty of murdering the toddler and falsely blaming his death on another child.

Rachel Fee, 31, and Nyomi Fee, 29, were convicted today of killing two-year-old Liam by inflicting severe blunt force trauma to his body at a house in Fife, Scotland.

The youngster, who had been subjected to a life of pain and neglect, suffered a ruptured heart after sustaining injuries similar to those seen in car crash victims.

The defendants were both also found guilty of wilfully assaulting, neglecting and abusing two young boys, including the one they blamed for Liam's killing, over a two-year period.

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