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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Update on Hill Country Tel. Co. Insurance Fraud Case

My client, Dr. Curtis McCubbin, and I were interviewed this afternoon by Darrian Trotter from the Fox News affiliate in San Antonio about the fraud that two Hill Country Telephone Cooperative employees pulled to steal a quarter million dollars in life insurance money. Dr. McCubbin is 94 years old, a WWII vet, and the victim of an insurance scam. I have filed a lawsuit in the state district court in Kerr County, and a federal lawsuit under ERISA. The report will air tonight at 10:00 on WOIA NEWS 4. 

What happens if Dallas County District Attorney Susan Hawk Resigns?
Hawk’s repeated long absences have led to calls that she step down
from Lone Star Project
Over the last year, Dallas District Attorney Susan Hawk has taken repeated long leaves from work as District Attorney in order to seek treatment for depression.  The Lone Star Project has not called on District Attorney Hawk to resign her post, and most media and political observers have been patient and supportive of her. 

Recently, though, some columnists in Dallas have suggested that Ms. Hawk may need to step down given the long absences from work. As a result, the Lone Star Project has received inquiries asking about the formal process for replacing Susan Hawk should she resign as District Attorney. 


  1. Where is our "tough on crime", drug warrior DA and trusty sidekick? He/She seems to disappear when the local good old boys are the actors.

    1. There are two separate ongoing investigations, one local, one federal.