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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Insurance Scam at Hill Country Telephone - Update

WOIA News 4's Darian Trotter reported last week about the case where I represent a 94 year old veteran cheated out of his wife's life insurance money by two so-called friends, one the very person at Hill Country Telephone whose job it is to help employees and their families with insurance. 92-year-old veteran says he was defrauded of wife's life insurance

Yesterday, the S.A. Express ran Zeke MacCormack's article, Widower’s lawsuit disputes dying woman’s insurance decision  Widower’s suit points to a co-op conspiracy

My client, Curtis McCubbin, is a 94 year old WWII combat veteran who was a flight engineer on B-29's in the Pacific. He was recalled to service during the Korean War. This case is a great example of how businesses wave the flag and use vets as props, when they really don't give a damn about them. The top management at the company knew what their employees were doing and let them get away with it. The two employees, Elizabeth Betty Drawe and Mary Arhelger, are still there in good standing. Drawe is still working as the insurance benefits coordinator, with access to detailed health and medical records of all the employees.

Then again, why not? If Hillary Clinton can lie, cheat and steal why can't the little people?

I've sued the company, its CEO Delbert Wilson, its HR manager Bernice Fischer, and Betty Drawe in federal court. You can read the full Complaint here: https://www.pacermonitor.com/view/BIJEZIA/McCubbin_v_Hill_Country_Telephone_Cooperative__txwdce-16-00610__0001.0.pdf


  1. Litigation is so messy....as an alternative to going to court, I suggest we show our support for veterans by wearing red T shirts on the first Saturday of each month, and tie a yellow ribbon on oak trees on the second Saturday. This way, all the vets will know how much we love and appreciate their service!!

    1. Is this comment a joke? See my response below.

  2. That's about as effective as the cliche trotted out after every new outrage that "our hopes and prayers" go out to Orlando mass murder victims/Dallas police officers gunned down by black radical/San Bernadino victims/ and so on. And putting teddy bears and ribbons at murder scenes. Enough of that mush - it's time to kick ass and take names.

  3. Yes..the comment was satire. Kerrville is ground zero for substituting symbols for actions. The giant cross, the giant American flag at the used car lot, the bumper stickers proclaiming membership in some mounted posse or police fringe group, and so on. I noted a local church is now "supporting" the police by wearing blue T shirts on a designated day.....certainly easier and cheaper than giving the police a pay raise or increased benefits or some material expression of support and gratitude. If I was a local cop this would just piss me off.

    Kerrville is land of the loud, phony, fake conservatives.

    I am not at all surprised that several pillars of the community set out to rob an elderly veteran. It to goes with the territory. The fake, phony "BY GOD WE LOVE THE VETS" line is one of the requirements for social acceptance. You must proclaim love for the vets and Jesus, but it does not really matter what you do so long as you pass around some money.

    Most could care less about the Vets. They dream of cash and consumer items. Getting out of that cesspool was smartest decision I have ever made in my life. I hope you prevail in the litigation, and the local DA files felony charges against the perps.

    1. Sorry - this place is so bizarre that it's hard to tell satire from reality.
      You're right - if these people really loved the military they'd never send them to bleed and die in shitholes like Iraq and Afghanistan that are no threat to us.
      It's like our former (thankfully) mayor Jack Rambo Pratt - a fake Vietnam War Special Forces hero who justifies his fraudulent schemes with 'it's for the little children.'
      Thanks for reading my blog and commenting.

    2. p.s. - and I may do what you did and move back to civilization. I bought a house in Houston and have family there. Have to make some more $$ first though, and Kerrville is a great town for a criminal defense lawyer - our # 1 industry is drugs - rehab centers, halfway houses, and the whole law enforcement/criminal justice system that feeds off the druggies. Per capita I'd bet we have more druggies than the big cities.

  4. I agree with your assessment of economic opportunity in Kerrville. From my view, it centers around government and the Cailloux money. Unfortunately, most people possessing the capacity and willingness to develop, organize and manage a business venture along with any of its risks in order to make a profit would not set foot in that backwater village. The culture is not geared for business. Rearranging existing assets in the only path forward to meaningful income. I found it impossible to build a team in Kerr County. Most of folks there lack the skills or will to work hard, and they are obsessed with greed.