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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Gary and Peggy Stork Deaths - Some Unanswered Questions

Gary Stork was under investigation for sexual contact with a minor alleged to have occurred over the July 4 weekend. Police began their investigation sometime in July or early August. The 198th District Attorney, Scott Monroe, was to present the case to the grand jury yesterday.

There are serious questions that need answering surrounding the circumstances of Gary and Peggy Stork's deaths last weekend, and the way city staff handled the sexual misconduct with a child investigation:
1.  Police informed city attorney Mike Hayes and city manager Todd Parton but did not inform Mayor Bonnie White. Why not?
2.  Parton and Hayes sat on the information and didn't tell the mayor. Why not? 
3.  Stork became increasingly aggressive toward Mayor White. He loaded the council meeting agenda with irrelevant, improper items that were essentially personal attacks on Mayor White. He even mentioned me in at least one council meeting. He sat next to the mayor, and if he was mentally unstable and armed (see below) was a physical threat to her safety. Again - why didn't Parton and Hayes tell the mayor about the criminal investigation?
4.  Stork began acting erratically over the last year. During the mayoral election police were called three times because of his disruptive behavior at the Cailloux Center, where the election was held. He had let his hair and beard grow into a wild bush, and topped it off with a huge Mexican bandit style hat. He crouched and acted like a monkey pointing at Bonnie White's campaign signs.
5.  Was Stork acting on his own, or was someone encouraging him? If not, why didn't the other council members rein him in - he made the city look like a joke.
6.  Stork and his wife took the CHL class at Hill Country Shooting Center within the last year. 
7.  I'm told that when the police got into the house, the gun was lying between the bodies and not in either one's hands. If that's true, does that raise questions about whether it was really a suicide/murder?
8.  Did police do a thorough search of the house and contents, including computers and drives?

I respect local law enforcement, including KPD. However, there are so many unanswered questions I think we need an outside law enforcement agency to investigate - at a minimum the Rangers, and preferably the FBI. Otherwise, this will be another case like the deaths of Kimble County sheriff Hal Bynum and his wife Connie in the early 1980's closed as a murder/suicide that has been the source of speculation for years.

As an aside, the Stork house is on the next street over from mine.  I can see it from my backyard, maybe a hundred yards away. 


  1. The FBI won't want to investigate unilaterally without some evidence that would make it a federal crime. The Rangers aren't really set up to supervise local police either. The FBI or the State Troopers would help if the local police ASKED for help, not otherwise. It's quite easy for suspicious deaths to go uninvestigated in the US if the local force doesn't want to look too closely.
    If the gun was in neither victim's hand, then it isn't an open and shut murder suicide, but a suspicious death that might be murder suicide when all the proper invesitgation is done. It might also be something else. At a minimum that hands of both victims need testing for gunshot residue, and the exact entry points of bullets analysed.

  2. What is wrong with these people, is this the basket full of deplorables we hear about. What has Mayor White gotten herself into? This man may be a child predator and murderer and they want to hold a memorial service. We can all show up with our "little girls lives matter" shirts and signs. What does this say to the victims and their family. Todd need to head out to CA where he belongs, the sooner the better. Howard E. Butt Jr. passed away and nothing, and look what that family has done for Kerrville, but lets give the good old boy a big o' party. Shame on all of them.

  3. Donyou realize how absolutely GEORGE BAROODY YOU SOUND RIGHT NOW...SOUNDING QUITE 3RD PARTY OF YOU...SO BLINDED BY YOUR OWN PARTY AGENDAS...oh yeah thats right when you ony look at your gain for your type of people and your neighborhood, guess what, you are your own good ol boy club and a follower to a good ol girl...WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER 75% OF KERRVILLE WHO JUST WANT TO LIVE IN A CONSTITUTIONALLY HONEST AND FAIR TO ALL CITY!Guessing you actually have been a selfish follower for quite some time...I bet you you never actually where questioned by the police in regards to either party because you have nothing of truth just lots of good ol boy assumptions based in self not based on actually knowing the girl and/or knowing the man...bet you're a Christian too right...and the beat goes on...

    1. Yes, I am Christian. Since when is that a bad thing?

    2. Not a bad thing at all when you act as a Christian who follows what is said to be the only 2 things that is truly asked of you...love Jesus, and love thy neighbors....all other Commandments are good guidelines to follow in order to be able to live that much more purely and as the best possible human, servant of god... the anger hate judgment and blah blah... well again ...seems to go completely against what I know to be the most important things beyond anything else to the Christians I have an understanding of... they wouldn't have made jsut statements as many "christians" have been so angrily Proclaiming to do for the love of god!? ...or is it self!?

    3. LWL - If you think for 1 second there is nothing wrong with Gary Stork, Todd Parton or Mike Hayes you need to find someone to reset your moral compass. If you don't know what a moral compass is, I understand why your trying to defend them, Bless Your Heart!

  4. Gee wonder if my statements will be approved in order to be viewed...will you act on your comment of freedom of speech or will you decide that freedom of speech isnt my law too..

    1. You have no understanding of the First Amendment. You can google it.

    2. I have ful knowledge of the first ammendment... it was a joke in regards to me understanding very cleary that this is your blog, bot mine which then give you the ability to post what i said or not...that wAs my comparison.

  5. I have been observing this tragedy from afar, as I moved away from Kerrville about 9 years ago. I am still shocked by what has happened. Will the investigation ever yield an answer? I met the Storks when they moved to Kerrville and began coming to a gym where I worked. Peggy had won a battle with breast cancer and they always seemed to be happy, sweet people. I attended the first Wine Share and watched as that became a popular event each first Friday of the month. After I moved I continued to come back for a WS a couple of times a year. I considered them to be good friends and had been to their home several times. Hearing of Gary's erratic behavior is concerning to me. I wonder about many things now, including an email that he had sent to me asking for a lunch date. I chose not to answer the email. It was uncomfortable to think of him not being faithful to a woman that I loved and admired. When I heard of their deaths I immediately thought of that email. What was going on? How could two people so full of life and love end up in this horrific tragedy? So many questions and the prospect of never knowing breaks my heart.

  6. Let us be mindful of some very important FACTS:
    1) Gary Stork was not even indicted, let alone convicted of any crime. Even in death, he is to be presumed innocent.
    2) Peggy and Gary Stork served their community and loved their family and friends deeply. They both did tremendous good in the world. They touched countless lives in beautiful and positive ways.
    3) It is impossible to know what manner of hurt and torment they both experienced in their final moments, or what their intentions were.
    4) The tragic deaths of these two people have left deep and widespread grief in the hearts of many. Not the least of these are their children, parents, siblings, nieces, nephews, and goddaughter, to whom they were extremely close. The bitter and ugly words of critics, and the incessant demands for salacious details about both the allegations and the deaths do nothing to admonish Mr. Stork for his alleged misdeeds, but they wound their innocent loved ones again and again.

    Can we not just let this rest so that the families and the community can begin to heal? Is that simply too much to ask? I should think not.

  7. What if Gary was part of a ring of deviates? Just leave it alone? More info about Gary has surfaced since the murder/suicide that warrants answers. His lawyer, Mike Hayes, has spent a lot of taxpayers money on lawyers to keep the truth from coming out.