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Monday, October 24, 2016

Former Kerrville Lawyer Perry Cortese Going to the Federal Big House - Potential 40 Year Sentence

Former Kerrville lawyer Perry Cortese found guilty of money laundering and wire fraud 
The Killeen Daily Herald has an indepth report on Cortese's legal troubles, excerpt here:
Two Bell County residents were among those found guilty Friday by a federal jury of international money laundering and conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud. Perry Don Cortese, 53, a Bell County lawyer who worked in Little River-Academy, Priscilla Ann Ellis, 51, of Killeen, and Kenietta Rayshawn Johnson, 35, of Kansas, were all found guilty Friday by a federal jury in Florida. Johnson is Ellis’ daughter, according to the federal grand jury indictment.
Cortese and his accomplices could each face up to 40 years in federal prison. Their sentencing hearings will be held at a later date, a Department of Justice news release said Friday.
The trial lasted more than two weeks.
Evidence presented during the trial showed that Cortese, Ellis and Johnson were members of an international criminal organization that defrauded dozens of victims in the United States and laundered the proceeds. Much of that money went overseas.

Here's a 2014 review from Yelp:
  • Words can't explain how horrible of a person Perry is. He is a alcoholic that hangs out in strip clubs everyday, not to mention just got caught asking my wife to dinner on purpose bc he knew she was with me.
    If you hire this scumbag you are either a drunk home wrecker yourself, or are a complete moron.
    Check out his state records about all the times people have tried to get him disbarred. He is a failure at life.
    On top of all that he's too coward to talk to the husband of the family he wrecked ...
    Down south we call that type 2 things. Coward and sissy.
Fort Sam police officer allegedly killed 2 in drunk driving crash in San Antonio
Fey's vehicle collided head-on with a car carrying two parents and three children, police say.

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