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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

What is wrong with Kerrville?

This is a screen grab from Peggy Stork's Facebook page. Gary (pre-beard) looks like he's had a few drinks. It makes me sick how some of Kerrville's finest are carrying on like he's an innocent victim instead of a child molester and murderer. I've gotten some calls from people with stories about him that put the criminal investigation into a very interesting light.

I found this gem on one of his supporters' Facebook pages:
"Amen! God bless all that loved them. May they rat in peace and love. My thoughts and prayers are with you today and always."

There is something seriously wrong with Kerrville. In less than two weeks we've had the Stork murder-suicide and learned that he was about to be indicted for child molesting, an innocent seven year old girl got shot in the head, and now a young boy was set on fire by two other boys. If I were looking for a small town to move to I'd think long and hard before I came here. 

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  1. It is especially troubling to me that the very people who are in a position to prevent suicide (church leaders) are themselves committing suicide. The punitive, puritanical culture is hard to live up to.