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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Kerrville City Council wants to flood County's Hill Country Youth and Exhibition Center, Little League fields and VA Cemetery

The city council voted to spend $23.5 million dollars to build a 105 million gallon reservoir to hold so called gray water to irrigate the sports complex we don't need and the Comanche Trace and River golf courses. Mayor Bonnie White has consistently voted against this boondoggle.

Now she has some help from the Kerr County Commissioners, who have raised a red flag because the city's own records show that the project is in a flood plain and would probably flood county property including the Hill Country Youth and Exhibit Center and Little League Fields.

The San Antonio Express has a good article by Zeke MacCormack titled Kerr County asks Kerrville to delay pond construction. You can access it thorough Zeke's twitter feed. He reports, "Kerr County Commissioners want the city of Kerrville to postpone building its planned 105-million-gallon reservoir until the county can review its potential flooding impact on several nearby county facilities along Third Creek."

"The discovery of what county officials described as faulty and inconsistent data in city engineering studies of the Third Creek floodplain - and a lack of responsiveness at City Hall to their questions - have fueled their concerns, they said."

"Commissioner Bob Reeves recalled how former City Manager Todd Parton had assured commissioners the reservoir would not impact the county parcels."

Parton's statement is demonstrably false. The city's contract with MGC Contractors specifically says that the county land will be flooded.

The VA Hospital also has a cemetery nearby, which will also probably be flooded. This whole project is a boondoggle. The city council members are as irresponsible as any Chicago ward boss. It's time to do what we just did to the Democrats.

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  1. The first question to ask in any deal involving public money in Kerr County is "Who Benefits"? I believe the KDT will never ask this question, and will spike any reporting on point.