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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Another Texas Lawyer in Trouble with the Feds - DWI Dude Jamie Balagia

FBI charges S.A. 'DWI Dude' lawyer in alleged plot that scammed $1.2 million from clients

The San Antonio lawyer known as the "DWI Dude" and "420 Dude" for his defense of clients charged with drunken-driving or marijuana possession has been charged by the FBI with conspiracy to commit money laundering and obstruction of justice in an alleged plot that scammed about $1.2 million from Colombian clients.

Jamie Balagia, a former Austin cop who ran for Texas Attorney General in 2014, was arrested late last week in McKinney, near Dallas, and is being held without bond near there pending a bail hearing Thursday.

And here's a headline I wouldn't want to see my name in:

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  1. I noticed "the dude" had grown a long beard and long hair, and looked remarkably like Gary Stork. Is this a warning sign? By the way, will the authorities ever release the gun powder residue info on the stork case? We are now at the 6 month mark and nothing but crickets regarding the identity of the shooter.