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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Ex-Judge/Boerne Lawyer gets probation in sex solicitation/drug case

Kevin D. Fine got busted in January 2016 in a sting where he solicited sexual favors and drugs in exchange for his services as a criminal defense lawyer. He thought he was texting a client who was really police. He stayed out on bond for over a year, then, incredibly, he fell for the same ruse again, this time in Kerrville, on May 2.

Fine, 50, was briefly a criminal district judge in Harris County, Texas. When that gig didn't work out he moved to Boerne, and was a regular in the Kerr County courthouse.

He worked out a deal where he pled guilty in Boerne and got five years' probation by pleading guilty to attempted possession of a controlled substance, a 3rd degree felony. He surrendered his law license.

The Kerrville case is pending.

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