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Monday, May 1, 2017

Is Glenn Andrew a Scaredy-Cat or Just Pretending to be Afraid of a Letter??

Today's Kerrville Daily Times lead article is captioned "Councilman takes letter as threat." He ran and tattled to the friendly newspaper about a letter Robert White emailed to interim city manager Don Davis under the subject line "Mayor's ethics challenged by Stork in open meeting." Mr. White wrote, "I thought you might want to review this article as I see you and the other council members want to try the same thing Stork did last year."

KDT explains that "Kerrville City Councilman Gary Stork and his wife, Peggy Stork, were found dead of gunshot wounds in their home on Sept. 24, 2016. Stork's death was ruled a suicide, whereas the nature of his wife's death was not officially determined." The article neglects to mention the little detail that Stork was about to be indicted for child molesting, and that Andrew and his fellow council members knew it. This includes Andrew, Stephen Fine, and Gene Allen. They had a good time at the July 4th picnic before Stork committed his crime. Here's a picture of them together, left to right: Stork, Fine, Keen, Andrew and Allen.

(I like Robert Earl Keen; I'm sure he posts for fan pics thousands of times a year). Anyway,
Andrew and Fine were also behind the decision to give all the city employees the morning off to attend the big "celebration of life" for Stork and his wife, whom he probably murdered. You'd have thought it was the JFK assassination all over again.

Anyway, the KDT article never does explain how referring to Stork, who the JP says shot himself, is a threat. Thankfully Andrew did not file for another term, so George Baroody is running unopposed.

So the question is - is Andrew really afraid that he has been threatened with the same thing that happened to Stork? Is there something we don't know about what really happened to Stork? The authorities have told us that it's an open and shut case of suicide. Is there a killer on the loose? 

Or did Andrew just want to get some ink with a silly hissy fit? 

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  1. I think the KDT felt pressure to report something related to the Stork case, and this was an opportunity to print a meaningless fluff piece with the name Stork in it. Every 5 years or so, a case comes along that provides a window into what is really going on in Kerrville. The Stork case is shaping up to be one of those. I have a feeling the best is yet to come.