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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Kerrville Council Members Stephen Fine and Mary Ellen Summerlin Continue to Look Like Fools

Updated Tues. 6:20 p.m.
The members of Kerrville city council continue to make fools of themselves pretending to be  frightened like a bunch of little girls over the email Robert White sent to interim city manager Don D:avis. Stephen Fine has now expressed how scared he is, saying :
“My first thought was this is a threat,” Fine said. “It was like he was saying ‘Look what happened to Gary when he tried this.’ If it wasn’t a threat, then what other reason is there to send the e-mail?”
Place 3 Councilperson Mary Ellen Summerlin also felt threatened by the e-mail.
“It struck me as an effort to intimidate,” Summerlin said. “I can’t think of any other reason to send it, other than to try to persuade us not bring up the subject (of ethics policy).

These people’s comments about ethics reminds me of something Lyndon Johnson once said: they know as much about ethics as old maids know about f------.

You can read the article yourself:
Council members say White e-mail a threat


Attorney Kevin Fine Busted in Kerrville
This one gives me no pleasure to report. Attorney Kevin Fine was arrested yesterday by KPD for attempted possession of a controlled substance and booked into the county jail. I know him from the courthouse and he always seemed to be a decent guy, but apparently let addiction get the best of him. He already has a pending charge for the same thing in Kendall County. 

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  1. I read in the EN where the confidential informant opened up a sack of dope in front of Fine, a recovering addict, and he asked for some, and that is where the crime occurred. I don't know the facts of the case, but this part gives me some heartburn, as that is a fairly easy way to entrap a recovering addict. In any event Fine screwed up big time, as he made political enemies with the Republican establishment while serving as a judge in Houston. Now they have him by the throat in their preferred venue.