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Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Good Ol' Boys Strike Back - Former Kerrville Councilmen and KPD Chief Defend Stork Investigation

Today's Kerrville Daily Times front page article is titled "Former council trio speak out about Gary Stork case." It quotes Stephen Fine, Gene Allen and Glenn Andrew basically claiming that Mayor Bonnie White has unfairly maligned the integrity of the police investigation of Gary Stork for fondling a 13 year old girl at the July 4th celebration in 2016. They all say they got along with Gary just grand, and never feared him. I guess not - they partied with him at the same Fourth on the River:


  1. ...."As time draws on, the three former councilmen said it is time for the community to stop speculating on the unknown, to stop dwelling on this and to concentrate instead on the future."

    I am still laughing after reading this.

  2. We are closing in on one year on the Stork homicide investigations. As far as I know, there is still to results of the forensic evidence, which in all likelihood will shed light on the identity of the shooter. Can you give an update?