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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Update on Perry Don Cortese Federal Fraud/Money-Laundering Case

Cortese appeared in the U.S.District Court in Tampa yesterday for the hearing to determine how much money he and his co-defendants stole in their various internet fraud scams. Cortese even testified, which should have been very interesting. The judge ordered the parties to submit proposed findings within two weeks.

The judge also expressed concern about Cortese's health, noting that he had lost about 50 pounds and was trembling. He granted a defense motion to have Cortese medically examined.

Cortese was another regular in the Hill Country courthouses. He was suspended several times by the State Bar but always managed to come back. We all knew he was a crook, but nothing on this scale. After a six week trial in the federal court, he was found guilty of mail and wire fraud and money laundering, and the Government claims he stole about $8 Million.

Stay tuned. 


  1. I have read in your blog that you are considering writing a book on Kerrville. I am a long time student of Kerrville culture, and will be writing you from time to time with some of my observations that you may find interesting. Feel free to develop these observations in any way you see fit when you get around to writing the book.

    #1 – I read the daily arrests records in Kerr County every morning, and have done so for the past 10 years. I have seen almost every type of crime imaginable, with a substantial amount of sexual assault of children, murder, meth and the usual. One crime that is conspicuously absent is prostitution. I have not seen one single arrest for prostitution in 10+ years. Why is this so? What is it about Kerrville that causes the public to gravitate to a long list of sex crimes and totally avoid prostitution? Now we know there are plenty of hoes in Kerrville, and that is fact is not in question, so why is prostitution virtually nonexistent?

    Perhaps your experience and insight into the criminal mind could shed some light on this phenomenon.

  2. Thank you - I look forward to your insights and stories. I never considered that we don't seem to have much prostitution in KV. Maybe the citizens here are just purer, or maybe there's so much free sex no one needs to pay for it? I suppose Kevin Fine offering to trade legal services for drugs and sex is a form of mutual prostitution.

  3. Why did Kevin Fine get arrested again today?