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Friday, April 13, 2018

The Perils of Lust and Greed: Kerrville Conman; Uresti Surrenders Law License

Convicted state Sen. Carlos Uresti surrenders law license
State Sen. Carlos Uresti, convicted less than two months ago by a federal jury on 11 felony charges, has surrendered his license to practice law in lieu of facing disciplinary action from the State Bar of Texas.
Without a license, Uresti will be prohibited from practicing law in the state where he has worked as an attorney for more than 25 years.
Uresti, 54, would have been disbarred after he’s sentenced June 28, anyway, but he opted to voluntarily submit his resignation March 23. His resignation was accepted by the Bar’s Office of the Chief Disciplinary Counsel the same day and then by the Supreme Court of Texas on Tuesday.
FBI investigating possible wrongdoing at Kerrville company
FBI agents are investigating possible financial malfeasance at a Kerrville consulting company that filed for bankruptcy last week, three people familiar with the probe said.
The HJH Consulting Group Inc., which does business as The Salt Group, disclosed in a Monday court filing that it sought bankruptcy protection “due to the fact that one of its employees manipulated the accounting records of the Debtor to the Debtor’s detriment.”

Stephen A. Canty, who has served as Salt Group’s president, declined to comment when reached by phone Wednesday but said he was represented by San Antonio criminal defense lawyer Gerald “Gerry” Goldstein. The attorney declined to comment. Canty was replaced as HJH Consulting’s registered agent on April 2, state corporate records show.
A person familiar with the bankruptcy case said a company official had overstated its receivables for years to obtain funding on a bank loan. The official recently confessed, triggering a criminal investigation, this person said.
Gee, I wonder who the culprit is. 

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Candidate Bill Blackburn - Not Republican, Not Evangelical Christian

Kerrville is one of the most conservative cities in a very conservative state. So it puzzles me that the best challenger the opponents of Mayor Bonnie White could come up is Bill Blackburn, who has written comments on his Facebook page where he disavows being a Republican, or an evangelical Christian because so many of them voted for Donald Trump. Hells' bells, the Republicans always get 80 percent of the votes in Kerr County!

Dallas lawyer who exposed himself at office staffed with teenage girls gets 8 years
Dallas Morning News

A Dallas defense attorney with a penchant for masturbating in front of the teenage girls he hired to work in his law office has been sentenced to eight years in prison.

Rayan Ganesh, 34, was convicted Wednesday by a Dallas County jury on two counts of felony indecency with a child by exposure. State District Judge Amber Givens-Davis decided his sentence Thursday.

Ganesh was also a serial offender of the barratry laws, roaming the halls of the criminal courts and stalking defendants. About 30 lawyers showed up for his sentencing, and not as character witnesses for the defense. The prosecutor told Texas Lawyer “I had all of the lawyers in the courtroom stand up. And I said ‘Each of you are victims of this,’” Michael Snipes said, referring to Ganesh’s unethical behavior. “Because you make us look like the worst nightmare of the public as to what lawyers are all about.’”

“He preyed upon defendants when they were at their weakest moment and took advantage. And then he used them to take advantage of these little girls,” Snipes said. “The barratry part is problematic. But him using that to feed his salacious desires is really what made it bad.”

Friday, April 6, 2018

Corrupt Texas sheriff soon to be released from prison

Scumbag Ex-Sheriff/Drug Dealer Soon to be Released from Prison

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Expert: Guilty ex-S.A. attorney PERVERT Mark Benavides displayed arousal to violent sex

FLORESVILLE — A clinical and forensic psychologist who reviewed sex videos and commercial pornography seized from a former San Antonio attorney said the defendant showed patterns of control and an arousal to violent sex, the expert told jurors Thursday.
Aaron Pierce was the last witness to testify before the state rested in the sentencing phase of the trial of Mark Henry Benavides, convicted Tuesday of continuous trafficking of persons. Twelve women testified that he coerced them into having sex to keep them out of jail or lessen their legal troubles.
Prosecutor Meredith Chacon asked Pierce for his expert opinion on video evidence he observed.
“Most concerning were two videos where women had to engage in anal sex,” he said. “It was very painful, they asked him to stop, they were crying.”
When Chacon asked if he noticed a pattern in the videos and evidence, Pierce said Benavides “consistently was the one in control, directing what was happening.”
Suffolk County PERVERT district judge apologizes, admits he's serial underwear stealer
A Long Island judge who police say repeatedly broke into his neighbor's home to steal her underwear has confessed to snatching panties on multiple occasions, even though he has pleaded not guilty.

Still, Suffolk County District Judge Robert Cicale has been removed from the bench and is facing up to 15 years in prison.

Cicale was arrested on burglary charges and appeared in court Friday morning.

Houston pastor indicted on charges of defrauding investors
HOUSTON (Reuters) - A prominent Houston megachurch pastor who counseled presidents and top executives was charged on Friday with selling investors more than $1 million in worthless Chinese bonds and using proceeds for his own benefit, federal authorities said.

Kirbyjon Caldwell, 64, senior pastor at the Windsor Village United Methodist Church in Houston, one of the nation's largest Protestant churches with about 17,000 members, faces wire fraud and money laundering charges in connection with the sale of historical bonds to mostly elderly investors.

The bonds were issued by the former Republic of China before 1949 - when the communists won that country's civil war and took power - are not recognized by the current Chinese government and have no investment value, said U.S. Attorney Alexander C. Van Hook in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Another Pervert Lawyer

Juror faints watching sex video between ex-San Antonio attorney, client from SA Express
FLORESVILLE — A juror hearing a sex case against a former San Antonio attorney fainted after seeing video of a sexual encounter involving the man as his trial opened Tuesday.
Mark Benavides, 48, is charged with continuous trafficking of persons, accused of having sex with clients in prostitution cases in exchange for legal services. Benavides is being tried in Wilson County on a change of venue from Bexar County because of intense media coverage there.
A 29-year-old woman who testified for the state that Benavides forced her to have anal sex and recorded the encounters sat with her hands over her face and cried as the jury heard her plead on video for Benavides to stop

from dailybeast.com 
Texas Judge Tortured Defendant With Stun Belt to Show ‘Power,’ Court Rules
‘Never before have we seen any behavior like this, nor do we hope to ever see such behavior again,’ said the court, ruling that Judge George Gallagher violated a man’s rights.
A Texas judge who shocked a defendant three times with a stun belt to silence him during his own trial violated the man’s constitutional rights, an appeals court has ruled.

“Never before have we seen any behavior like this, nor do we hope to ever see such behavior again,” wrote Justice Yvonne T. Rodriguez, of the Texas Eighth Court of Appeals in El Paso.

Promoter of Failed Fyre Festival Pleads Guilty to Fraud, Faces Up to 10 Years in Prison
The Fyre music festival, planned for last spring, was to be an experience of unparalleled opulence. Held on a private island in the Bahamas, the festival would feature luxury suites, gourmet meals and a series of musical performances headlined by Blink-182.
But instead of the extravagant odyssey they had been promised, hundreds of concertgoers were greeted by a disorganized mess. Soggy tents. Cheese sandwiches in foam containers.
And not only did Blink-182 never perform; the band’s equipment ended up stuck in customs.
On Tuesday afternoon the festival’s main organizer, William McFarland, pleaded guilty to two counts of wire fraud related to the festival and to his media company that prosecutors said had cost investors $26 million in losses.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Ex-San Antonio attorney accused in sex crimes case is indicted again

A former San Antonio attorney slated to go on trial at the end of the month, on accusations of having sex with female clients, has been indicted again.
A Bexar County grand jury on Thursday indicted Mark H. Benavides on four counts of continuous trafficking of persons in connection with alleged incidents with four women that occurred between 2012 and 2015.

Benavides, 48, was arrested in November 2015 and charged with compelling prostitution from at least nine female clients. Since then, he has been named in multiple-count indictments that include having sex with a child under 17 and inducing a child under 18 to engage in a sexual performance.

Uresti’s wife files for divorce following salacious trial
A week after state Sen. Carlos Uresti’s conviction in a salacious trial that included vivid testimony about him carrying on an extramarital relationship, his wife has filed for divorce.

Lleanna Uresti filed a petition Friday in Bexar County District Court to end the couple’s nearly six-year union.

Lawsuit: SAPD detective strip searched woman in public area
A San Antonio police detective pulled down a woman’s shorts in a public area and inappropriately searched the woman for illegal contraband, according to a lawsuit filed Friday in federal court.

The 25-page lawsuit alleges that the detective, Mara Wilson, a 32-year veteran of the force, conducted an illegal vaginal cavity search on Natalie Simms, an action that was “a blatant violation of Ms. Simms’ constitutional rights and resulted in significant and lasting harm.”

State Commission on Judicial Conduct suspends Rio Grande Valley judge
McALLEN — The State Commission on Judicial Conduct has suspended state District Judge Rodolfo “Rudy” Delgado without pay following his indictment on bribery and violating the federal Travel Act.

Kerrville Slave Ranch Question

A reader from Florida contacted me last Fall and said he had a bag full of key chain trinkets from the Slave Ranch. We briefly discussed my buying some of them, then lost contact. If you're reading this, please contact me!