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Friday, July 15, 2011

The Underbelly of Kerrville

Old Pedophile Ring in Kerrville?

I watched closing arguments in a nasty child custody trial yesterday. On one side are Matt Baker, in prison after being convicted of murdering his wife Kari, and his parents Oscar and Barbara Baker. On the other side, Kari's parents, Jim and Linda Dulin from Waco. They are fighting over who gets custody of Matt and Kari's two daughters. I can't comment on the parties or the merits. The thing that jumped out for me in the trial was the testimony of a lady, now an adult, that she was sexually molested as a child by a prominent Kerrville Baptist preacher and a doctor.

Sometimes I think Kerrville is the perfect setting for a horror or suspense movie - the beautiful little town with all the nice, religious people, but under the surface there is evil that gets covered up.

It's funny, in an ironic way, when people are surprised that 'nice' people, some with good jobs, living in the best neighborhoods, in the right churches and so on, get caught committing heinous crimes. For example, here's a story from the S.A. Express-News about a youth coach who was so kind and supportive that no one could believe he was a pervert/child molester:

'Shocking' allegations against teen center chief revealed
Felty had quit in the face of investigation.

By Eva Ruth Moravec

Local youths and their parents shocked by the death of Bill Felty Jr., director of the local Boys & Girls Clubs teen center, were dealt another blow Wednesday: he had resigned last week amid allegations he placed recording devices in the center's staff bathroom and was involved with a teen club member, the organization's CEO said Wednesday.
CEO Angie Mock called police after a staff member discovered the recording devices, and investigators seized the gear and other material from his office as evidence.
Mock said police told her Tuesday afternoon they found a confession that Felty was having a relationship with a teen.

Here's a typical quote:
"On Tuesday, parents of Teen Center alumni and youths who knew Felty through his work at the YMCA of Greater San Antonio and other youth organizations said they were devastated by his death, crediting Felty with helping kids get into college and otherwise improving their lives.
“I just cannot believe it,” said Delma Guardiola, who knew Felty well and whose daughter attended the teen center. “I've known Bill for such a long time — who would have thought? Oh, my God.”

How many times when a serial killer - say the BTK killer in Wichita, KS - get caught, do people say - he was the nicest man.

I am pro-death penalty. There are some criminals who are so evil and dangerous the only thing to do is kill them. I am pro-2nd Amendment. I support law and order. When a bad cop cheats, he disgraces the whole criminal justice system. Here's an example:

Drug plea tossed because ex-Bexar deputy accused of lying
By Guillermo Contreras
Published 05:42 p.m., Thursday, July 14, 2011

Read more: http://www.mysanantonio.com/news/local_news/article/Drug-plea-tossed-because-ex-Bexar-deputy-accused-1466726.php#ixzz1S8R3bdUe

A judge has thrown out the no-contest plea of a San Antonio man who alleged that a Bexar County sheriff's deputy lied to get a warrant for a raid that netted some cocaine and marijuana.
State District Judge Maria Theresa Herr signed an order this week that was agreed to by prosecutors and the appellate lawyer for John Manuel Sierra, 43, who pleaded no contest to possession of cocaine in 2009 to keep his wife and son from getting prosecuted, too.
The order dismisses Sierra's plea, which stemmed from a sworn search warrant obtained by Charles A. Flores, a deputy who has since been fired and is being prosecuted for allegedly lying to get a search warrant in an unrelated drug case.
Sierra's lawyer, Scott Sullivan, argued that Flores also lied to get the warrant in Sierra's case, and the District Attorney's Office agreed, Sullivan said.

Read more: http://www.mysanantonio.com/news/local_news/article/Drug-plea-tossed-because-ex-Bexar-deputy-accused-1466726.php#ixzz1S8Qlq8Ag

And finally, the last story is akin to the DEA agent who shot himself in the foot giving a gun safety talk to a class room full of school kids. There but for the grace of God go I.

ICE officer leaves gun in Bush airport bathroom
July 14, 2011, 10:54PM

Read more: http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/metropolitan/7654280.html#ixzz1SAkxN3o5
Houston police and federal officials are looking into how a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officer left his gun inside a restroom at Bush Intercontinental Airport.
An airport cleaning crew found the Sig Sauer pistol about 9:10 p.m. Wednesday inside the restroom, located in a secure area of Terminal E, and they notified security officers, Houston police spokesman Kese Smith said.
As Houston police were investigating the incident, the ICE officer approached and said he had left his gun in the restroom, Smith said. After he showed his identification, the Houston police officers returned the weapon to him.
The incident is under investigation by both the Houston Police Department and ICE Internal Affairs, Smith said.
Attempts to reach an ICE official for comment late Thursday were unsuccessful.

Read more: http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/metropolitan/7654280.html#ixzz1SAkXXILH

Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland confirmed a uniformed policewoman who punched a handcuffed robbery suspect in the face on Thursday has been relieved of duty during an internal affairs investigation.
The incident was filmed by a news crew, and the video was brought to McClelland's office for review.
"Prior to me personally viewing the video, supervisors down the chain of command acted appropriately by initiating an internal affairs investigation and relieving this officer of duty pending the outcome of the investigation,“ read a statement issued by McClelland.
Police were called to the scene of an attempted robbery by three armed men at a convenience store at 8 a.m. Thursday in the 1400 block of Cavalcade north of downtown. One of the suspects hopped onto a passing freight train.
From a helicopter, a KTRK-TV Channel 13 camera filmed two officers frisking a handcuffed suspect they detained next to the railroad tracks. A third officer could be seen calmly walking up to the group and landing a quick right jab to the suspect's face.
HPD identified the officer as Angela Horton, 36, who is assigned to the Central Patrol Division. Horton was sworn in as an HPD officer in January 2007.
Janice Evans, a spokeswoman for Mayor Annise Parker, said the mayor was out of town on vacation and deferred comments to HPD.
The incident is the latest in a string of alleged brutality and serious criminal behavior by HPD officers that have surfaced during McClelland's tenure. In March 2010, a surveillance camera outside a storage center filmed a group of HPD officers kicking and punching a teenaged burglary suspect who had surrendered. McClelland fired eight officers.
"Certainly the video was shot from a long distance away, and there are things that could have happened. The guy could have spit on the officer or made an overt movement that the officer saw,“ said Gary Blankinship, president of the Houston Police Officer's Union.

Read more: http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/metropolitan/7653757.html#ixzz1SAlXMyPg

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