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Monday, February 13, 2012

Williamson Co. DA John Bradley Insults the Veterans; Secret Kerr County History

Wilcowatchdog just posted a press release by Veterans for Jana Duty:

For Release: February 14, 2012 Contact: Josh Hinton at 512-943-0290

U.S. Army combat veteran Josh Hinton announced the formation of an organization called “Veterans for Jana Duty” to support her bid to become Williamson County’s next District Attorney. Hinton said he decided to form the group after attending a recent political forum in Sun City where he learned about incumbent John Bradley’s cynical views and lack of respect for our combat veterans.

“I was shocked to find out that John Bradley essentially stonewalled the implementation of a Williamson County Veteran’s Court,” Hinton said. “To be honest, this organization was going to be ‘Veterans for a Williamson County Veteran's Court’ aimed at helping those who have fought and suffered for the freedom of all Americans. But when Jana Duty pledged her support of Veterans and the formation of a Veteran's Court, we saw that there was a strong proponent for our cause. She is a natural choice for veterans to support for the office of Williamson County District Attorney.”

The legislation that allows for the formation of Veteran's Courts was unanimously approved by the Texas legislature in 2009 and had the backing and support of Williamson County’s Republican representatives; Senator Steve Ogden and Representative Dan Gattis. Not one member of the Texas Legislature voted in opposition to this legislation.

A Veteran's Court is a court created for a very special group of people. The only people eligible for these special courts are those who have been diagnosed with brain injury or mental illness that occurred because they were in a war zone. After a person meets these strict criteria, then the prosecutor must agree, on a case by case basis, to allow a particular veteran to go into this court. Then the prosecutor and defense attorney create a treatment plan. If the veteran completes the treatment plan and the prosecutor agrees they have been rehabilitated, there is no conviction and their record may be expunged. If not, then they will be required to go back through the justice system just like anyone else accused of a crime.

Hinton continued, “A vast number of these veterans never had a record before going off to war. But they come back home after protecting our freedoms and liberties, make a mistake and then end up with a record they may never be able to overcome. Veterans are trained to do what is necessary to survive and it becomes second nature. Sometimes that training does not fit into civilian life. We owe it to our disabled veterans and those who are forever changed because of the horrors of war to create a system that gives them a second chance.

“John Bradley's opposition to the concept of Veteran's Courts is one thing, but the derogatory manner in which he refers to veterans should enrage every red blooded American who honors the sacrifices our veterans have made. Having never worn the uniform himself, John Bradley will never understand where we have been, what we have done but most importantly why we did what we did. If Mr. Bradley had ever walked a mile in our shoes, maybe he would feel differently about the ‘select few,’ as he so mockingly refers to combat veterans on four separate occasions in his letter. Worse still, he claims it would be a “burden on taxpayers” when he knows full well there are courts and attorneys who are willing to volunteer their time to hold the Veteran’s Court after hours and at no expense to the taxpayer."

“Veterans for Jana Duty is calling out to the citizens of Williamson County and to all of America to show our veterans that America still cares and that we appreciate the sacrifices they have made on our behalf. We believe it is high time for a change in the District Attorney's office. We need a D.A. who will truly protect the people of Williamson County; first among those our combat veterans. Whether you are a veteran or you just want to show your support of veterans, please join us today.”


Bradley really is an embarrassment to Williamson County and honest prosecutors. Wonder who he'll piss off next?


Kerr County History and the Good Ol' Boys

When I was a boy my grandfather told me stories about the little town in Arkansas we lived in, stories that didn't appear in any official history of the town. There was an old retarded man named Lee Jones that was always around the courthouse, wearing khakis and a straw hat and tin badge, and toy cap pistols on a Western gun belt. His mental abilities were severely damaged when a mule kicked in him the head when he was a boy. When he reached puberty, the town fathers, worried about his leering at young girls, decided to geld him, which they did, at the local hospital. An old lady that scared the hell out of me when I visited my grandmother in the hospital went mad after her husband, the sheriff, was murdered by a black fugitive. When he was captured, the citizens busted him out of jail and tied him to a stake. The widow threw the match that lit the fire.

When I lived in Natchez, MS there was a whorehouse downtown run by "Miss Nellie," a "high yellow" black lady who would bring her new girls into the department store where I worked part time to outfit them. Everyone in Mississippi knew about Nellie's, and a lot of the fine white leaders who opposed de-segregation patronized her establishment.

I imagine that every small town has some old timer like my grandfather who knows the secrets that the establishment would prefer stayed buried. Since moving to Kerrville almost 10 years ago, I've heard some of the county's secrets, like the whorehouse that some of the local bigwigs set up, or the private hunting/fishing club that provided female companionship for the rich businessmen that flew in on their private jets. Then there was the preacher at one of the big churches who liked little boys, who got caught but was allowed to leave town. I wish I could find an old timer who would talk to me about the unofficial history.

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