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Saturday, October 20, 2012

San Antonio Lawyers Guilty of Defrauding Client

Fraud suit against lawyers nets $867,000 By Guillermo Contreras A Bexar County jury on Monday awarded a woman more than $867,000 in her lawsuit against two attorneys, including one who once served on a board that takes up complaints against lawyers. Jurors found attorney Oscar C. Gonzalez, his law firm and former lawyer Eric Turton committed malice, fraud and theft by misappropriating $75,000 from the settlement of a client, Isabel Sloan. Part of the verdict hammered Gonzalez and his firm for gross negligence and false, misleading and deceptive acts and practices. Judge Sharon Keller Loses Houston's Judicial Preference Poll to Keith Hampton Sharon Keller, the controversial head of the state's highest criminal court, has been outpolled by her opponent in this year's Houston Bar Association judicial-preference poll released today. So that means the Dallas-area judge, who garnered worldwide scorn for dismissing a death-row appeal because it was filed minutes late, is in danger of losing a seat on the CCA, where she's been for almost two decades?

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  1. Our judicial, prosecutorial and legal oversight has been so lax in Texas, all of the above have started to use the system as a personal cash register. Nowhere is it more clear than Kerr County where a judge, DA, and head of probation have pleaded to felonies related to stealing money. Now there are questions being floated regarding the use of seized funds being used to improve real property owned by a DA. Perhaps it is time for a 2nd house cleaning.