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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Cadillac Ranch Owner Sued for Sexual Assault; Man Loses Eye in Strip Club Melee

Amarillo's 'Cadillac Ranch' owner accused of sexual abuse of young men, boys Amarillo millionaire Stanley Marsh 3 is accused of paying young men thousands of dollars for Viagra-enhanced sexual favors in two recent civil lawsuits filed by a Houston lawyer. Marsh, 74, is perhaps best known as owner of the Cadillac Ranch, an Amarillo field where 10 brightly painted Cadillacs are sticking out of the ground, tail up. . . . Attorney Anthony Buzbee filed the lawsuits Oct. 23 and Monday in Potter County on behalf of anonymous plaintiffs referred to as John Doe and John Doe No. 2. . . . . My first job out of law school was with the Underwood Wilson firm, where Kelly Utsinger is a partner. Very good firm and Kelly's a first class lawyer. Tony Buzbee is a heavy weight. His website cover page states his motto: Just Win. It says: Tony Buzbee is a former Recon Marine officer. His mettle has been tested time and again through some of the most demanding training in the armed services, and due to his involvement in the some of the most intense Marine operations in various countries. Buzbee didn't just survive or endure as a Marine officer, he excelled. In the Marine Corps, officers are taught to lead from the front, to do more with less, to work smart, to hit fast and exploit weaknesses, and to be creative. Tony Buzbee, and the firm he has built, use these same principles and attitudes in the practice of law. Victoria Perez, Exotic Dancer, Half-Blinds Strip Club Patron with High-Heeled Shoe, Police Say A stripper was jailed and a man might lose his left eye after a huge Friday night melee at southeast Austin gentlemen's club Hot Bodies. According to KXAN, Austin police responded to a call about a dressing room fight involving no fewer than 17 of the dancers -- that's what is known as a binder of strippers. When they arrived, they found a man clasping both of his hands to his left eye. He told police he had been hit in the face by the spike-heel of a flung shoe. (The man had to be hospitalized, and might lose the use of his eye.) . . . . I see a personal injury lawsuit coming. The strip club owner will no doubt claim the stripper who threw the shoe was an independent contractor. Editorial: Policing Texas prosecutors Dallas Morning News It’s not just Michael Morton’s lawyers who are making a complaint that the man who prosecuted him obliterated legal and professional obligations along the way. Now comes the disciplinary arm of the State Bar of Texas to level potentially career-ending allegations against former Williamson County District Attorney Ken Anderson, who put Morton away for nearly 25 years in a bogus prosecution for his wife’s murder. There’s poetic justice to the fact that Anderson must answer the bar’s petition in the same courthouse where he pinned the murder rap on Morton, allegedly while hiding exculpatory evidence that Morton was entitled to under the Constitution.

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  1. This Marsh case is no surprise. This type of behavior is really quite common in those who try to portray a west Texas macho image.