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Monday, March 25, 2013

Don't These People Watch T.V.?

The San Antonio Express reports that "a USAA attorney was arrested over the weekend in Cedar Park, where authorities said he was expecting to meet a 14-year-old girl he'd propositioned online.

Officers with the Texas attorney general's Cyber Crimes Unit arrested Robert Michael Bohanek, 44, on Saturday on one count of online solicitation of a minor, a second-degree felony.... According to a news release from the AG's office, Bohanek initiated and then participated in “sexually graphic online chats with someone he thought was a 14-year-old girl,” but was really an undercover cyber crimes officer. The release says Bohanek and the “girl” also exchanged text messages and emails, and he texted photographs of women's clothing."

Online sex scam/blackmail led to A&M prof's suicide San Antonio Express News
"A Louisiana man is accused of using an underage female relative to lure a Texas A&M University professor into a sexually explicit online relationship that ended with blackmail demands and the professor leaping to his death from atop a campus parking garage.

The charges, filed in Houston, clear up some of the mystery surrounding why James Arnt Aune, 59, who chaired the school's department of communication, committed suicide on Jan. 8."

One of the t.v. networks, ABC, I think, has a regular program called To Catch a Predator, where grown men get caught trying to meet underaged girls for sex. How dumb can you be?


  1. He was a smart guy and he had to wonder if the meeting was a sting. The degree of craving must be off the chart for him to take that chance.

  2. There are so many mixed messages about sex in America today. Sex is everywhere. Channel surfing on direct TV the other day I noticed porno titles like "Teenage sluts.....". Jay Z raps about pimpin hoes and then has dinner with the president. The weird thing about all of this is there is a hard core, punitive, puritanical culture in America (esp Texas) that loves sex crimes, and there are "sex traps" everywhere with cops, prosecutors, blackmailers,....etc., luring in males for punishment and profit, playing on the desire / shame paradigm. Sex crimes dominate the local newspapers. Americans love sex from a distance and they love to double think about sex, and especially love a "sex crime". Things are dangerous out there.

    Things are different in countries that are more permissive of sexual matters. Consider Western Europe or Canada.