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Monday, April 1, 2013

Real Killer of Chrsitina Morton convicted; Rattlesnake burns down house

Norwood given life in prison for Morton slaying
Twenty-six years after being wrongly convicted of his wife’s murder, Michael Morton reacted to a jury’s finding Wednesday afternoon that another man is guilty of the crime by briefly putting his hand over his heart.
The San Angelo jury took about three and a half hours to convict 58-year-old Mark Norwood, who received a life sentence for the 1986 killing of Christine Morton in Williamson County.

Nigerian Scams
What lawyer hasn't received a couple of thousand variants of this email:
"I need a lawyer that can help me with the property settlement and family support agreement I had with my ex-spouse. Am presently in Singapore and my ex spouse lives in your Jurisdiction, in your country."
I have to give these fraudsters credit for the creative names they dream up. This one is from Zarifar Zuckerberg.

If a lawyer is foolish enough to take the bait, the recalcitrant ex will be so intimidated by the threat of a lawsuit that he will immediately fed-x a cashier's check for the full amount due, a couple of hundred grand. The check looks real, the bank deposits it, and the funds are available the next day. The "client" is desperate for money, and emails the lawyer to pay himself a big fee and wire the balance to the client. Our lawyer is gleeful to have made such easy money, until the cashier's check bounces, and the bank demands he cover it, which he's required to do, since he endorsed the check.
A variation is that the "client" is an electronics company in China or Asia that needs a lawyer to collect unpaid accounts.

Leggett: Snake burns down house — only in Texas
A woman near Texarkana burned down her house with a snake.
I kid you not.
Here’s how it happened. She says she saw the snake in her yard and poured gasoline on it in an attempt to kill it. Then her son threw a lighted match and, according to news reports, that set the snake on fire.
Now as snakes tend to do when set on fire in the yard, this reptile streaked off in an attempt to get away from the flames.
Right into some nearby brush. That would be some drought dried brush, which immediately caught fire. This is what tends to happen to dry brush when exposed to a gasoline soaked, 3-foot long match in a snake suit.
The brush fire was out of control in no time, spreading quickly to the woman’s house and burning it down. The flames were intense enough that a neighbor’s house was damaged as well.

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