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Saturday, April 20, 2013

YO Ranch Owner Alleged Goat Rustler; Judge Arrested for Concealing Evidence; Ex-JP and Wife Arrested for Murders

Thoughts on Boston Terror Attack and West, TX Explosion

This has been a hellish week, with the horror in Boston and the fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas. So many innocent people killed and maimed, it's heartbreaking. I can't find any words to write about these tragedies that wouldn't be trite. My heart and prayers go out to the victims and their families.

The continuing saga of accused goat thief Walter R. Schreiner, Jr.

The Kerrville Daily Times is much improved since publisher Greg Schrader left and Max Graxiola came in, but it could still do better. The typical front page story is a cut and past from an arrest report with the mug shot of some poor person, usually Mexican or black, charged with possession of a piddling amount of cocaine.

When a member of the establishment gets busted - nothing. KDT didn't even report the arrest of Walter R. Schreiner, Jr. until I reported it in this blog. Schreiner is an owner of the Y.O. Ranch and scion of one of the biggest names in the Hill Country. When KDT did report it, it was basically a rehash of the charges (theft of livestock by check) and Schreiner's denial.

Zeke MacCormack at the S.A. Express actually did some work and talked to the victim, an elderly widow who sold Schreiner some goats, only to have his check bounce. Civil disputes dogged Schreiner before arrest.

Beverly Hans, the complainant's daughter, said the check bounced twice, saddling her 70-year-old disabled mother with additional bank fees.

“I tried from June until August to get him to make it right, and he never did,” she said of Schreiner. “He said he was surprised to learn the check bounced and that he would send another. Of course, it never came.”

Zeke researched court records and found other victims of Schreiner's alleged practice of bouncing checks. One said “I'd gone hunting on his ranch and knew he was in the exotics business and thought, 'He's with the famous YO Ranch,'” Searcey said. “I thought he was a good guy.... I learned not to do business with Walter Schreiner.”

Judge finds that Anderson hid evidence in Morton murder trial
Georgetown — Former Williamson County District Attorney Ken Anderson - now a sitting district court judge -was arrested and booked into jail and then released on bail Friday after a specially convened court found that he intentionally hid evidence to secure Michael Morton’s 1987 conviction for murder.
In a blunt and scathing ruling, District Judge Louis Sturns said Anderson acted to defraud the trial court and Morton’s defense lawyers, resulting in an innocent man serving almost 25 years in prison.
“This court cannot think of a more intentionally harmful act than a prosecutor’s conscious choice to hide mitigating evidence so as to create an uneven playing field for a defendant facing a murder charge and a life sentence,” Sturns said.

Ex-Official's Ailing Wife Charged in Kaufman DA Deaths
Kim Williams, 46, was arrested and charged Wednesday after allegedly confessing to playing a role in the slayings of Kaufman County assistant prosecutor Mark Hasse in January and District Attorney Mike McLelland and his wife, Cynthia, last month.

An arrest affidavit alleges she told investigators that her husband - ex JP Eric Williams - shot and killed the victims, but the document doesn't specify what role she played.

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